Who's more obnoxious: Donte/New Dante or Nero? Let's Find out, people! We are going to weigh  the stats and history of the characters

Potty-mouthed goes to...... DONTE/NEW DANTE! (I hope you get da Idea). Even though Nero flips people off casually and calls them assholes, it Seems like Donte carries a portable dictionary of cuss words and rude gestures wherever he goes.

Loud Goes To......NERO!!! Even though Donte is a bad little child, if there's one thing he doesn't do, it's sceam.

Idiot Goes to......NERO! Nero practically screams and hits everything, while Donte actually is kind of laid back

Immature Goes To.......DONTE! Even though Nero is an idiot, he is pretty mature at the end of DMC4, while Donte seems to be a whiny little ass who cares too much about friends.

IT IS TIED! FOR NOW! Leave more stats and winners in the comment box. Basically, DA PEOPLE DECIDE!

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