As I was Air-Raiding through the Devil May Cry Wiki, I noticed the Jester wand poll. I was wondering, if Dante could use it (The Wand), What exactly would it be? Just post the classification (Gun, Sword, Even a weapon designed for Trickster Style), Its moves, appearance, etc. Remember, this is from Devil May Cry 3, so you cvan add as many Crazy combos as you like.

This is my version, and an example of what you should do.

It's a purple sword-like thing with a cylinder instead of a blade, a handle that is streaked with purple, red, white, and blue. Its moveset is:

Wand combo 1: 3 slashes fllowed by a devastating swing  surrounding you, knocking back all enemies around you.

Wand Combo 2: Two stabs emanating energy followed by a slash shooting a wave of energy

Drop It Like it's Hot: Surround your wand with energy resembling flames, ansd stick an enemy with it, exploding him and the area around him. Lv. 2 increases area of blast.

Lock n' Load: Toss spells at enemies at high speed. Lv. 2 increases speed and strength

Classification: It is a sword, but relies on Trickster Style

Style moves:

Holy Moly!: Hold down Style button to dance and sorround you with energy that damages enemies. Can be used as a dodge.

Pop! Goes the Weasel!: Get inside an enemy and come out from him, damaging all surrounding you with chunks of a foe.

Jeepers!: Run so fast it seems like you're teleporting, but you will be tired after that. if an enemy hits you while you're tired, you will slap them repeatedly and push them back with energy.

Crazy combos : 

Whoopsies! (Crazy Wand combo 2): When you do the final slash, the wand will explode, surrounding you with waves of energy but flinging the wand away from you for a short time.

I Am The King's Comedian (Crazy Holy Moly!): Dance while performing jokes that destroy enemies.

So, do something like that! Dante needs you, or else Jester's soul will be just a stick!

P.S. Dante gains elfen ears, paler skin, and his coat will become purple with a hint of red, white, and blue.

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