Hey b0sses! I'm back! (Nobody will probably remember me ( ‾ʖ̫‾)) Just in case you do remember me (pls im lonely) I disappeared off the face of this wiki on January 20, 2014, right after I made a dumb-as-shit edit on the sacred Dante page.

It was also the day my fat, overworked, and whiney ps3 dropped dead. I had almost no experience with DMC after that fateful day, and my school workload JUST decide to pile up again after that. So here I am, trying to get my feet wet (Is that a popular analogy? Find out on JEOPARDY Tonight!) with the DMC4 remaster and the dreaded DmC remaster, too. I'm broke as shit, though, and I really need that Pandora for my shitty job at Wendy's (I'm still in high school!) so I'm trying to pull through. 

Although the edits may come to a grinding halt, expect a lot more blog posts reflecting on current news, my experiences with the remasters, and funny shit. I'm never going to let my little brother write a blog post again, too. "I JUST NEED TO EXPRESS MY OPINION ABOUT THE NEW REBOOT! Okay, sure.) That was how this post was born, and my bio, too. Holy shit. Anyways, I'm in a rush! I have to get back to the real world in just about 7 hours! I am now internet literate and NOT high as a kite, and now I need some sleep! I love this damn community!

Bye b0sses! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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