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Favorite Style + Melee Weapon + Ranged Weapon: Devil May Cry 4

Mine is Swordmaster + Rebellion + Coyote-A. Since I'm an up-close-and-personal kind of fighter, having Swordmaster is essential for me, as well as the Rebellion. I also sometimes use the Gilgamesh with Swordmaster, when I need a little extra power in each hit, but I'm usually just jumping around hacking apart everything I come across, and the Rebellion is quick and lethal enough for me to work with perfectly. The Coyote-A is perfect for my style since I'm always up close anyway. I just hit enemies with a good combo from the Rebellion then blast them with buckshot. very effective. Especially against Mephistos, Fausts, Frosts, and the Bianco and Alto Angelos. I also sometimes use Dark Slayer, when I feel something just needs to drop dead that instant. Like I say. YAMATO: When something positively, absolutely has to die right on the spot, accept no substitutes.

So what's you'r favorite style + melee weapon + ranged weapon in Devil May Cry 4

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