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  • JayAaerow

    GIF Requesting

    May 25, 2016 by JayAaerow

    So I'm finally back and I'll actually be sticking around regularly. I apologize for my absence, although I tend to lurk for vandalizers just in case but anywho! During my absence, I learned how to make GIFs and I wanted to implement them onto this wikia. There's quite literally so many ways to do this. However, I know normal editors would like to have certain gifs made. So you can think of this as a request board for GIFs. To request a GIF, request in the following format:

    • Name of the File
    • Description of what it is you want shown
    • Youtube link if possible (NOTE: I've downloaded all of the cutscenes for all the games so no need to link me to it)
    • Page the file will be used on.
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  • JayAaerow

    So I'm one of the newer administrators. Apologies on taking a haitus. I've been on another wikia and getting more familiar with Devil May Cry. I also been looking at the wikia itself and seeing how things are done. Cool stuff! However, I noticed a problem that was also conveniently brought up on my other blog.

    Referencing seems to be a problem here on the wiki. Giving a closer look and even some comments from LegionZero has led me to believe that we should relook into how things are referenced. I'm here to ask people to help out in finding interviews and important information (especially anything regarding Capcom talking about Canoncy and in-universe important content). Particularly the ones I'm interested in is the interviews concerning th…

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  • JayAaerow

    Hello there. The names Jay. Recently, I've become a new admin for the Devil May Cry wikia on hopes that you have an active administrator. If you've been around, you probably know that. I honestly found it surprising I have it now. I figured it take a while before doing so. But that's okay. I'm here to do whatever I can to help you guys out! So I'll do what I've done on the previous wikia I administer: Ask the community what do you want to see be done on the wikia?

    What kind of wikia do you want to be like? Would you wanna be like the Avatar Wikia, in which is known to have every detail? Or for a better comparison, look at the Assassins Creed wikia, in which is a game wikia and is known for the same thing. I know a bit of CSS editing on the …

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  • JayAaerow

    Weapons Infobox

    September 16, 2014 by JayAaerow

    Hello DMC Editors!

    Today, I just wanted to showcase a New Infobox I made for the use of everyone.  Instead of using a character box edited to only include Weapon-related, I made one specificially for the weapon It has all the old specifications with with an added information fit for a Weapn subject. I've added instructions on it's page. So click here to know how to use it. If you wish to see it in use, my personal notes on it, or anything else I make I find relevant to give you a heads up on, clicking here.

    I've added small things like "Creator" & "Type" just so you can get a little more specific with it. It has all the old speciications that's been used in the Character Infobox for weapon pages. It's also color coded differently. I did this…

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  • JayAaerow

    Hey! My name is Jay! As evident by my username! This blog post is here because I want the community's input on there being a new administrator! I would personally like to be this wikia's Admin! I recently got into DMC & love the series! It be nice to help make sure people get the correct information! 

    Luck for you, I already have some experience in Adminstrating a Wikia. Visit the Soul Eater Wikia. It is by far my most impressive work there. All the rules, guidelines, mainpage heading, etc... And a lot of what is visually appealing is my work of hand. I'm not taking all the credit though. I had other users help too! Though I was the one who allowed it. I've taken care of many problems. Vandalization, disputes, etc. Even with a bureaucrat! M…

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