Hello DMC Editors!

Today, I just wanted to showcase a New Infobox I made for the use of everyone.  Instead of using a character box edited to only include Weapon-related, I made one specificially for the weapon It has all the old specifications with with an added information fit for a Weapn subject. I've added instructions on it's page. So click here to know how to use it. If you wish to see it in use, my personal notes on it, or anything else I make I find relevant to give you a heads up on, clicking here.


Weapon Information
Drops From
Real-Life Information
Appearances [[]]

I've added small things like "Creator" & "Type" just so you can get a little more specific with it. It has all the old speciications that's been used in the Character Infobox for weapon pages. It's also color coded differently. I did this so you know what infobox you're using. I plan on making more and stick the color coding to based on prominent character DMC colors(Red from Dante, Blue from Vergil, Purple from Nero/Sparda, etc.) of the franchise. The only problem I have with the infobox is the "[[]]" But when you type something in it, it disappears. Though I will try to find a solution for it unless someoen ebats me to it!

In any case, that is all! Just want to show you guys and see If you like it, hate it, or have a couple suggestions for me to add to it. Leave comments If you life! 

EDIT 1: You may have noticed or have not, but I updated it and simply added 2 Headin to it "Weapon Information" & "Real-Life Information". Nothing major.

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