Hello! Hopefully someone who's experienced on this Wikia could answer a few of my questions have here. I want to edit here and contribute and help out. But I don't wanna infringe on any rules or policies here.

  • What's the page layout on the wikia? I'm not so sure. Some pages vary. the Manual of Styles page provides some help but other then that, It doesn't tell me how each page on the Wikia should be exactly.
  • I have the idea of using tabs to separate various Enemies Pages into a page for their "Gameplay" information but still using tabs to connect them back. The Prince of Persia Wikia started doing that after I convinced my fellow bureacucrat to use it and it does help make things look more organized. I'm not sure If the wikia is all for it but I wanna tell the idea first. Do I use Blog post like this? Or is there's a Forums I don't know about?
  • I also have the idea of creating a template that can switch between a character's human form and demon form If they have one. If you seen the One Piece Wikia's switch template that does that(Post/Pre Timeskip on their infoboxes) then you've probably seen it before. I would like to implement that too(It will be edited in color and what it says). Reason being so you don't have to use a extra heading for character who have demon forms and use the tabs for displaying a character's look in DMC Media. But in order to do that, I need to know If that's okay. And If it is, I also need an Admin for this because it requires slightly editing the Common.js page of the Wikia, which is accessible only to those with appropriate user rights.

Sorry. Hopefully, I'm not coming off as some guy trying to change everything cause I see fit. Just want to do some things to help with the organization and making things look visually "Cooler"(?) if that makes sense. I just don't know how to start out. XD Or who to talk to about this.

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