Devil May Cry Fanon:Aftermath, is a fanon written by Jim Logan, based off Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, and takes place between Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry 2. It is focased on their day-to-day life after their missions.

Trish's Story

Episode 1:Old friends, new annoyances.

Dante, Trish and Lady had just gotten back from a mission down in Mexico to deal with an army of Demons lead by a reborn Sid, who Dante killed fairly easily, and the job payed extremly well, and Dante used a majority of his share to finally pay off his debt to Lady. During the mission, Trish was stabbed with a knife coated with several poisions, and although Dante got her cured in time, Trish had to stay at Devil May Cry to recover for a few weeks. 

Dante was sleeping on his couch, the shop looking no better then it did when he left six months ago when he left for his mission against the Order of the Sword and met Nero. Just then the phone started to ring, Dante grumbled got up and picked up the phone.

Dante said "Devil May Cry, Dante speaking."

A woman on the other side of the phone cleared her throat.

the woman said "Hello, Mr. Dante, this is Nina Lowell. Patty's mother."

Dante yawned "And what do you need?"

Nina replied "Well, I am going out of the country for a month on a trip for my job and there are no children allowed where I am going. Don't worry, no Demons involved, but I need someone to look after Patty for the next few weeks."

Dante asked "And you want me to look after her?"

Nina laughed "Yes, please. She begged me to ask you."

Dante looked around the shop, and the wreck it was in nodded.

Dante replied "Sure, I would be happy to, my normal rate applies."

Nina said "Thank you, and yes I shall pay you your normal rate, and plus any interest on taking care of her."

Dante asked "So when are you dropping her off?" 

Nina laughed "Well, um. I am not dropping her off . .. She. . ."

Just then Patty ran into the door screaming "Dante!!!!!"

Dante said "Oh, I see. I shall see you in a month."

Patty shouted "Dante! I missed you so much, how are you, what have you been doing, why is this place such a wreck, why did you cut your hair?!"

Dante said "First, calm down, second quiet down Trish is sleeping upstairs and I don't feel like eating pavement again, we have been on a mission for the past six months, Trish cut my hair when I was asleep, and I have been Devil hunting. What have you been doing?"

Patty replied "I have been traveling Europe!"

Dante asked "For the past 8 months?"

Patty nodded "So . . . Do I need to start cleaning or do I need to wake Trish up?"

Dante replied "You can start cleaning if you want to, I am going back to sleep, I have been awake for the past two days."

Dante lied down on his rust-colored couch and dozed off within a few minutes before he started to hear crashes and clangs and the vaccum cleaner turning on and off. 

Dante annoyed asked "Patty, didn't I tell you to not make any noise?"

Patty's eyed widdened "Uh, any chance she didn't hear that?"

Dante replied "I would take a guess and say ..  ."

Just then yellow electricity flew out of the upstars bedroom.

Dante continued "No."

Before Dante could calm Trish down and make sure she stayed in bed as she was ordered to do, Dante was met halfway up the stairs by a very angry and exhausted Trish with black bags under her eyes.

Dante said "Baby, you gotta follow Doctor's orders, you have to stay in bed for the rest of the day."

Trish sighed "Dammit Dante, I am sick of being stuck in a bed all day! I have done nothing but sleep for the past two days!"

Patty said "You still look exausted."

Trish looked at Patty and smiled. Patty returned it, but a little fear left in her eyes.

Trish said "Hey squirt."

Patty asked "How are you today?"

Dante shook his head "Why did you ask that?"

Trish slapped Dante on the head and replied "I am doing fine Patty, Dantie here is too obedient to the doctors to let me leave his room for more then five minutes."

Dante grumbled "Don't call me Dantie, I am not seven!"

Trish asked "Then why wont you let me leave the room?"

Dante replied "You were stabbed with a poisoned knife, we were ten minutes away from you being put into a coma!"

Trish said "But I am fine!"

Dante shouted "I nearly lost you!"

Trish gasped "What do you mean nearly lost you, don't you mean we ?"

Dante stormed down the stairs, grabbed his coat and stomped to the door.

Dante said "I will be back later."

Dante left the shop with a loud door slam.

Patty shockingly asked "What was that about?"

Trish replied "I have no idea."

Dante walking down the street, his head filled with anger and confusion.

Dante asked himself "Why did I say I nearly lost you'Does it mean anything, do I love her?"

Just after Dante passed the local diner, passing up a deep dish pizza and a strawberry sundae, he was tackled by three demons, small and in Dante's current mood, had no problem in slaughtering these jackasses. Dante kicked them up into the air to examine the demons. He saw they were low class, and easily killable even by novice human police.

Dante sighed "I wished you guys would be stronger then you are."

The demons started to lunge at him anyway Dante took out Rebellion and blocked their oncoming attacks easily before parrying their apparent leader's attacks and sliced his arm off before cutting him in half. The second demon attempted to attack Dante from behind but Dante threw Rebellion up in the air, withdrew Ebony and Ivory and pumped the demon full of bullets. Dante put his guns away,caught Rebellion and turned to the final demon only to see him be sliced in half.

Dante huffed "What the hell?

Then a man with white hair and wearing a blue jacket,sheathed a samuri sword.

Dante said "Nero?"

Through the heavy fog, Dante couldn't see the man's face, but he could see he was Dante's height and he saw a blue amulet around his neck.

Dante said "Wait a minute!"

The man smiled "Hello brother, it's been a few years."

Dante shouted "Vergil!"

Dante pointed Rebellion at Vergil and readied Ivory in his left hand.

Vergil lifted his hands "I am not here to battle you brother, I am here for what you beat me for the last time we met."

Dante put his weapons away "You're looking for Yamato?"

Vergil nodded "May I have it?"

Dante said "Come with me."

Dante lead Vergil back into Devil May Cry, where he found Trish sleeping on the couch and Patty watching TV.

Patty said "Hey Dante! Who's this?"

Dante replied "This is uh . . ."

Vergil bowed "I am Vergil, Dante's older brother."

Dante heard a gun cock and the Sons of Sparta turned to see Trish holding a gun and pointing it directly at Vergil's head.

Trish asked "Can I kill him?"

Dante replied "You can kill him, but he won't stay dead."

Vergil smiled "Always with the jokes eh Dante?"

Dante shrugged, sitting down at his desk.

Vergil asked "Now are you going to give me what I came for?"

Trish asked "And that is?"

Vergil turned to Trish and replied "I came for Yamato." Trish asked "You didn't tell him?"

Vergil shouted "Tell me what?"

Dante smiled "It broke, it was unfixable and was destroyed."

Vergil grinned at Dante "I know that's a lie, you recast it when you destroyed the Order of the Sword."

Dante asked "Mind telling me something?"

Vergil replied "What do you want to know?"

Dante shouted "How in hell you are even alive, I watched you die."

Vergil laughed "Dante, when one dies, well for good they go to hell, what happens when one dies in hell?"

Dante said "They disappear?"

Vergil shook his head "No, they are just transported into another location in hell, so when you saw me die, I didn't really die. I became Hell's Gatekeeper, protecting hell from invaders and making sure residents don't leave hell, eventually I was attacked by the Order of the Sword, and Yamato was broken and I lost it. I have spend the last three months hunting it down."

Dante laughed "Well you're in bad fortune, the sword is with a kid."

Vergil tossed Dante's spare chair through the window. and shouted "What child?"

Dante replied "A kid named Nero."

Vergil pondered the name for a few minutes  while Dante started drinking a bottle of beer

Vergil asked"Your son?"

Dante coughed on some beer "What the hell did you just say?"

Vergil nodded "Yes, Nero is your son Dante, do you remember a woman named Alice?"

Dante said "I know I was drunk but I wasn't that drunk!"

Vergil said "Not that Alice."

Dante asked "Uh . ..  Which Alice then?"

Vergil replied "Grey eyes, your height."

Dante asked "More specific please."

Vergil sighed "Devolped. Black hair."

Dante shook his head "Nope."

Vergil said "Las Vegas."

Dante shouted "Oh that Alice. Crap. How is she?"

Vergil shrugged "I don't know. All I know is that Nero is your son."

Dante replied "Damn, that's some heavy stuff."

Patty said "Swear."

Dante said "Shut up." and tossed a dart at her.

Trish laughed "Great parenting.'

Dante said "She's not my daughter, I am babysitting her."

Vergil laughed "So, Dante the great Demon hunter has turned into a common babysitter?"

Dante said "No, I had to babysit her a year ago and her mom is on some business trip."

Vergil asked "So, is there anyway to contact this Nero?"

Dante shrugged "I haven't talked to him in the past six months."

Vergil asked "Where was the last place you saw him?"

Dante replied with a groan "Bro, its been months since I have seen him!"

Just then the phone started to ring.

Dante grumbled "If this is Nero, I will owe you $20, Vergil."

Vergil said "You're on."

Dante picked up the phone "Devil May Cry. Dante speaking."

Nero said "Hey Dante, Kyrie and I are stopping by Devil May Cry tomorrow to drop off some things for you. Is that alright?"

Dante sighed "Hold on."

Dante pulled a twenty out of his pocket and handed it to Vergil.

Dante said "Yeah, that will be fine, just be here by noon."

Nero said "See ya there."

Dante hung up the phone and sat back down in his seat.

Vergil grinned "Was it Nero?"

Dante sighed "It was Nero."

Patty asked "Dante, it's seven thirty, can we can some dinner?"

Dante sighed "Yeah fine. Vergil you want some?" The words Dante just said felt like little knives piercing his throat.

Vergil said "I don't see why not."

Dante hit his desk causing the phone to fly into his hand and Dante called Rachetties, the local pizza place.

Dante said "Hey Rick, I need a double extra large Deep Dish Chicago Pizza. Yeah delivered to Devil May Cry. $30 on devlivery,Got it, thanks Rick."

Dante hung up the phone to see death stares from Patty and Trish.

Dante asked "What?"

Patty replied "Pizza, really?"

Dante said "Yep. You expected anything else from me?"

Patty sighed "I guess not."

Dante asked "Now can I please get some sleep?"

Trish lied down on the couch, Vergil sat down on a chair and Patty continued to clean. 

Dante said "Thank you, wake me up when the pizza arrives."

Dante shut his eyes and drifted off to sleep for the first time in three days, and started dreaming of an alternate reality and a black haired man murdering various demons before he heard a knock at the door, bringing him out of the dream.

Dante yawned and asked "How long as I out?"

Vergil replied "About ten minutes."

Dante moaned "Felt like two."

Dante payed the delivery boy and gave him a ten dollar tip.

Dante said "Thanks kid."

Dante put the pizza on his desk, which the pizza box covered up half of the space of said desk.

Vergil said "Damn, that's a huge pizza."

Dante waited three minutes before asking Patty "Oh, and he can swear?"

Patty replied "Yep!"

After giving everyone a slice of pizza Dante looked at Trish and took the plate away.

Trish shouted "What the hell Dante! I am starving!"

Vergil laughed "This reminds me so much of Rose."

Patty asked "Who is Rose?"

Vergil replied "When we were children, we knew a young girl named Rose, she was very sickly, wasn't allowed to leave her bed and Dante visited her every day to keep her company."

Dante said "She died a week before our eighth birthday."

Trish asked "So that's why you're so protective?"

Dante mumbled "Among other reasons."

Trish asked "So why the hell did you take away the damn pizza?"

Dante replied "We don't know if you can eat yet."

Dante picked up the phone and called Trish's doctor.

Dante asked "Hello, Dr. Hunter, is it alright for Trish to eat dinner yet?"

Dr. Hunter replied "How long has it been?"

Dante said "Three days."

Dr. Hunter replied "Yes she should be, but just make sure she doesn't eat too much."

Dante said "Thank's Dr. Hunter."

Dr. Hunter replied "You're welcome Mr. Redgrave."

Dante hung up the phone.

Trish asked "So?"

Dante tossed Trish the plate of pizza.

Dante said "You're clear."

Before Dante could even take his first bite, Trish had devoured her piece of pizza.

Dante said "Take it easy Trish."

Vergil laughed "Is this how all humans eat their meals?"

Trish pointed her gun at Vergil and said "Shut up, i'm hungry!"

Dante opened the box of pizza and said "Help yourself."

By ten PM, Dante had three slices of pizza, Patty and Vergil had two, while Trish had five, which shocked everyone in the room. 

Dante looked at the clock, which said eleven and said "Well, time for sleep everyone, including you squirt."

Patty moaned "O.k, fine."

Dante asked "So, do you have any place to sleep tonight, Vergil?"

Vergil shook his head "No, I don't."

Dante said "I have an extra room upstars, you can sleep there tonight."

Trish and Patty slept in Dante's room, while Vergil went upstars to Dante's spare room, and Dante fell asleep on his couch. At around midnight, Dante felt something warm be placed on his chest, he opened his left eye to see Trish sleeping on him. Dante thought to himself "What the hell is she doing?" Dante thought of waking her up and bringing her back up to her room, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Dante fell back to sleep. Dante was woken up a few hours later, with the sun barley creeping through the windows by Vergil.

Dante asked "What do you want?"

Vergil replied "It's seven, I thought it would be appropriate to wake up."

Dante groaned "He won't be here until noon."

Vergil said "Well, now what?"

Dante replied "How about, we go back to sleep?"

Vergil rolled his eyes "Fine."

Episode 2:Reunions

Dante found himself unable to go back to sleep, and stayed awake wondering how his and Vergil's conversation didn't wake her up and cause him to be thrown out of the front door with a burst of electricity. Before Dante knew it, it was ten am, and was woken up by Patty who was begging for breakfast.

After thirty minutes of her begging Dante shouted "Alright, fine!"

Dante asked "Hey Trish, can you get up?"

Trish groaned "Do I have to?"

Dante smiled "Yeah, I need to make the squirt breakfast."

Trish yawned "Fine."

Trish got up and Dante started to boil eggs for Patty while Trish went back to sleep. After Dante gave Patty her breakfast Patty took out a box.

Patty shouted "Here Dante!"

Dante opened the box to find a dark green jacket, a scarf a black belt, blue jeans and charcoal colored gloves.

Dante asked "What's this?"

Patty replied "It's a cloths line from Diesel products from Italy!"

Dante asked "And this is for?"

Patty smiled "Your birthday silly!"

Dante thought for a second "Oh yeah, I totally forgot. Thanks squirt."

After putting on the new outfit, Trish exclaimed "Looking good . . .Diesel Dante!"

Dante smiled "Thanks babe."

After an hour, the door was opened to Nero and Kyrie.

Dante said "Hey kid, what's happening?"

Nero replied "Hey Dante, just got back from a trip in Florida."

Trish asked "Well, did you have fun?" Raising her eyebrows several times.

Nero gave her a questioning look "And what do you mean by that?"

Dante sighed "Nevermind."

Vergil stepped into Nero's eyesight.

Nero asked "Dante, who's this guy?"

Vergil said "Hello, nephew."

Nero shocked asked "What the hell are you talking about?"

Dante said "Don't tell him, Vergil."

Vergil said "Dante here, is your biological father."

Dante sighed "Yeah kid, this is your uncle, he just dropped the damn bombshell last night."

Nero asked "And you dragged me halfway across the country to tell me that?"

Dante replied "No, Vergil wants something from you."

Nero turned to Vergil "What do need 'Uncle Verge?'"

Vergil replied "I require Yamato"

Nero asked "Why?" taking out the Red Queen

Vergil said "Put the sword away nephew, I do not wish to fight."

Nero asked "Why the hell do you want Yamoto?"

Dante said "He's Hell's Gatekeeper, and he needs it to keep our worlds separated."

Nero asked "Is he trustworthy?"

Dante shrugged "He has stabbed me with my sword twice, hit me with my own bullets and nearly sent me to Hell, but he is family."

Nero put away the Red Queen, took out Yamato and handed it to Vergil.

Vergil said "Thank you nephew, I hope you best of luck in all future experiences."

Dante asked "You're leaving already bro?"

Vergil replied "Yes, I promised him I would return as soon as my blade was returned to me."

Dante asked "Who?"

Vergil replied "Our father. Now I have to leave, it was a pleasure to see you again brother, maybe i can visit again."

Dante said "Wait!"

Vergil turned from the door to a hug from Dante.

Vergil asked "Where is this coming from?"

Dante replied "I thought I would never see you again, and now I want to heal our relationship."

Vergil returned to hug "I would love that brother."

The brothers showed their halves of the amulet.

They said simultinously "Jackpot!" In a flash of light Vergil was gone as if was never there.

Dante said "Stay Stylish."

Nero asked "What the hell just happened?"

Dante replied "Nothing."

Nero asked "So . .. Dad. What's going on?"

Dante pointed to Patty "Babysitting the princess over there."

Nero laughed "Dante the demon hunter turned into a babysitter?"

Dante replied "Shut up."

Patty asked "Did you know it was Dante's birthday?"

Nero said "Oh no, sorry. Happy birthday man."

Dante smiled "Thanks kid."

Trish got up and sat on Dante's desk.

Dante asked "You need something gorgeous?"

Trish leaned in and planted a kiss on Dante's unsuspecting lips.

After Trish pulled away Dante, trying to hide his smile, asked "What was that for?"

Trish said "Happy birthday."

Dante replied "Well thanks."

Nero said "I wish I could give you something."

Dante replied "That's OK kid, I didn't expect anything anyway."

Patty asked "So Trish, why do you look exactly like Dante's mom?"

Dante said "Long story kid."

Nero asked "Isn't that a little weird for you Dante?"

Dante replied "Weird? Never thought of it kid, never questioned it."

Nero mumbled "Still weird Dante."

Dante said "They're not exactly the same, kid."

Kyrie asked "So. Dante, might I ask you something?"

Dante replied "Yes?"

Kyrie asked "How old were you when you last saw your mother?"

Dante replied "When I was eight."

Kyrie said "I am so sorry Dante"

Dante replied "Not your fault kid."

After a minute of awkward silence, the door burst open and a woman on a motorcycle rushed into the shop. Nero taking out his gun, while everyone else just stayed still.

Nero shouted "Who the hell is this?!"

Dante laughed "Hey Lady."

Lady took off her helmet showing her now-long flowing black hair and unzipped her shirt barley showing her cleveage.

Lady said "Hey birthday boy."

Dante rolled his eyes "God dammit, who doesn't know this?"

Lady tossed Dante a box. Dante began to open the box while Patty ran up to Lady. Patty asked "Do you like the present I gave Dante?"

Lady saw Dante's new get-up and said "Looking good Dante. Who are the kids?"

Nero said "The name's Nero, this is my girl friend Kyrie. I am apparently Dante's son."

Lady nodded "How does that not surprise me?"

Dante asked "What the hell does that suppose to mean?"

Lady smiled "Nothing."

Dante opened Lady's box to see an old-fashioned cowboy hat.

Dante laughed "Thanks Lady."

Lady replied "No problem. So what did Trish here get you?"

Nero said "A one minute lip-lock."

Lady shouted "Excuse me?"

Trish laughed "You heard him, I planted a kiss on the birthday boy."

Lady asked "I hope you weren't planning on doing anything else?"

Trish replied "What, were you planning on doing something?"

Lady shouted "Nothing of the sort!"

Nero laughed and asked Dante "Is it always like this?"

Dante replied "No, it's worse when shopping/clothes are involved."

Nero asked "How much worse?"

Dante sat at his desk with the brim of his new hat covering his eyes.

Dante replied with a smile "These two shot up an entire mall, minus a few clothing stores when Lady bought a dress Trish wanted."

Nero asked "And they didn't get arrested?"

Dante replied "Nope, they just sent me the bill."

Nero said "Damn, how much did it cost you?"

Lady replied "A lot"

Trish asked "So anyone want to go to dinner, i'll pay."

Dante said "Sure, i'm game."

Patty shouted "No pizza!"

Dante sighed "Fine, no pizza. What do you want?"

Patty said "Anything but pizza."

Lady asked "What about Buffalo Wild Wings?"

Nero said "Never been there, heard it's great!"

Patty asked "Anything playing?"

Trish asked "Playing?"

Patty replied "Like any sports games."

Lady said "Well there is wrestling."

Dante said "Let's go I am starving!"

On the way, Patty said "Wait! I wanna go to Kiddie Funland!"

Dante groaned "Why do you want to go there?"

Lady replied "The title says itself."

Dante said "I wanted to at least drink some alchohol tonight."

Lady said "You know, I could take Patty here to Kiddie Fun land and you guys, go have a good time." Lady winked at Dante.

Dante asked "What's with the sudden burst of kindness?"

Lady replied "Can't a friend do something nice for another friend every once in a while?"

Trish said "Yeah, but why all of a sudden?"

Lady replied "I have my reasons."

Dante said "Good enough for me, thanks. We owe you!"

As they were walking away, Trish whispered "Did you have to say owe?"

Dante lead Trish to the local bar Morrison worked at called the "Starship Pain"

Upon entering the bar, Morrison greeted them with a pair of strawberry sundaes and two bottles of beer.

Dante said "Thanks Morrison!"

Morrison replied "Your welcome you two. All of your drinks tonight are on the house."

Trish said "Thanks Morrison."

The following three hours Dante and Trish had together drank twelve bottles of beer.

Morrison asked "Dante, are you sure you should be drinking this much?"

Dante, completely wasted asked "What are you talking about, I am not that drunk?!"

Morrison replied "You proposed to a mop . . .Twice."

Dante said "The second time, you tricked me!"

Morrison replied "No, I said 'Dante, you can't drink that much, the last time you proposed to am mop!' Which you ignored!"

Trish asked "And where was I during all of this?"

Dante replied "Uh . . .You were working freelance during the time."

Trish got up and said "I need some air." As she stumbled out to the balcony outside.

After the door shut Morrison asked "Everything OK at DMC?"

Dante replied "Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about."

Morrison sighed "Dante, it's a little obvious. You two have feelings for each other, you just haven't acted on them. By the way, Lady called me before you guys got here. She said to give you a message."

Dante asked "And what was the message?"

Morrison replied "Have fun Dante."

Dante contemplated for a minute before saying "I got it."

Dante got up and walked out to the balcony to see Trish leaning against the railing.

Dante shouted "Hey, be careful, you may not be able to die easily, but that fall will still hurt!"

Trish turned and smiled "I wasn't thinking of that."

Dante said "I know, I am not the easiest person to deal with Trish . . But, I want to apologize if I bug you."

Trish waved her hand "I don't give a crap about that Dante. But I need to apologize if I made you uncomfortable last night."

Dante replied "No,I was wondering if you had anything personal to tell me."

Trish said "Well, I was wondering if . ."

Dante leaned in and planted a kiss on Trish, which lasted for a few minutes.

Trish asked "What the hell was that for?"

Dante smiled "Repayment from earlier."

Trish smiled and returned the kiss to Dante.

After finishing Dante asked "You want to continue this at Devil May Cry?"

Trish flashed Dante a devilish grin.

Dante and Trish walked back into the bar and Morrison asked "Where do you need to go?"

Dante replied "Devil May Cry."

Episode 3:The Morning After

The morning after, Dante was sleeping at his desk, shirtless when Patty and Lady walked into the door.

Lady smiled and asked "Well Dante, did you have fun last night?

Dante moaned "Lady, I have a hangover, a headache, and my hands are in pain."

Lady asked "So. . .I take that as a yes?"

Dante smiled "Yep."

Patty asked "Where's Trish?"

Dante said "She's getting changed."

Lady asked "Changed?"

Dante replied "We are heading down to the beach today. She bought a bathing suit."

Lady asked "Did you want to go or did she?"

Dante replied "What do you think!?"

Patty asked "Can I come?"

Dante replied "Do you have a swimming suit?"

Patty shook her head "No."

Dante smiled "There's your answer. We are just watiing on Morrison to drive us."

Lady asked "Are you gonna get hammered again?"

Dante said "No."

Trish came down the stairs wearing only her two piece white bathing suit.

Lady smiled "Hey Trish."

Trish waved "Hey girls."

Patty yawned "I am going to bed."

Dante asked "So, Lady. Why did you babysit Patty last night for us?"

Lady shouted "Why do you think, dumbass!?"

Dante shrugged "You wanted to be nice?"

Lady facepalmed "Because you have more of a shot with Trish here then me."

Dante laughed "Not much more."

Lady threw a knife, sticking the magazine on Dante's face to the wall.

Lady said "Shut up."

Morrison entered holding his car keys.

Dante said "Hey Morrison."

Morrison asked "And how was your night?"

Dante groaned "Got a headache, a hangover, I am tired and my hands hurt."

Morrison asked "So..You had fun?"

Dante smiled "Yep."

Morrison asked "So are you ready to go?"

Trish said "Patty wanted to go, but she doesn't have a swim suit."

Morrison shrugged "We can buy one on the way to the beach. It is an hour drive and we pass a mall on the way there."

Dante said "Let's get going, I need to catch up on my sleep on the way there."

Trish said "I'll get Patty."

Dante hopped into the front passenger seat, while Trish and Patty climbed into the back two seats and Morrison got behind the wheel.

Dante mumbled "Wake me when we get there." And Dante quickly fell asleep.

Trish said "Ok." As she opened up the sun roof.

Dante soon found himself for some reason at a hospital called "Hell's Pass"and Trish was being checked up by a doctor. After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor finally said "Well, Miss Redgrave, you are in fact pregnant . . . With twin boys." Dante shouted "Nooooo!!!!!" And Trish said "What's wrong Dante? Dante . . .Dante. Daaaanteee?


Dante replied "I'm up, i'm up . .. Where are we?"

Trish said "We're at the mall, you need to come inside before you get a heat stroke."

Dante yawned "Fine."

Patty, jumping up and down from joy shouted "Come on Trish, I need to pick it out!"

Trish smiled "Meet us at the food court!"

Dante and Morrison nodded as the girls ran into the mall.

Dante asked "How long was I asleep for?"

Morrison replied "About twenty minutes." As he took out a cigarette.

Dante asked "Can I have one?"

Morrison replied "Sure, but I didn't take you for a smoker."

Dante said "I'm not."

Morrison asked "Bad dream?"

Dante replied "What makes you say that?"

Morrison chuckled "You were grumbling 'babies' 'no!!!!' the entire time."

Dante said " I have no idea what you're talking about."

Morrison sighed "Dammit Dante, I know you and Trish are . . . You know. But you don't get . . .You know the first time."

Dante laughed "You know Morrison, you're terrible at giving the talk."

Morrison shrugged "Never had a kid."

Dante sighed "I don't want any kids, at least not right now."

Morrison put his arm on Dante's shoulder "Look at how Nero turned out, he's a nice kid."

Dante replied "Morrison, he's a bad mouthed punk who flipped me off the first time we met."

Morrison smiled "Hey you didn't even know he was your son."

Dante shrugged "I don't think I could be a good dad. Just look at how my dad worked out."

Morrison shook Dante "You are not your father, you are your own person."

Dante sighed "I don't know Morrison, I just started to get my feelings for Trish I do not want to think about kids right now."

Morrison laughed "You two are a long way from kids."

Dante mumbled "I hope so Morrison, but if not. I will get you."

Before another thing could be said, Patty came running out with a bag with Trish not far behind out of breath. Dante threw down his cigarette and caught Trish.

Dante asked "You ok?"

Trish replied breathless "Yeah, she's got more energy then I thought."

After getting to the beach, the day was spent swimming, sleeping and eating hotdogs until around seven PM, to which they started off home. After getting back at nine Morrison went home, and Dante, Trish and Patty spent an hour and a half watching a western movie about a man who has to kill his former gang member friends to save his family from a corrupt police man. Once the movie ended, Trish and Patty went to bed in their respective rooms and Dante fell asleep on the couch. At around midnight, Dante was awoken by a noise upstairs. Dante got up and quickly ran up the stairs to investigate. Dante thought maybe Patty was doing something in her room, but when he walked past Trish's room, he heard her shriek a little. Dante ran into her room to see her squirming around on her bed, her sheets and blankets soaked with sweat and her shouting "No Mundus, you can't do that, leave him alone!" Dante ran to her side, placed a hand under her sweat-soaked head, and his other hand on her stomach. Dante shook her head "Trish! Wake up dammit!" Trish didn't hear him and continued to silently squirm. Dante grabbed the glass of water off her nightstand and poured a little on her face. Shortly after she started to stop squirming and her eyes slowly opened. When she was at least half awake, she threw herself into Dante's arms.

Trish shouted "Dante, it was so horrible, I just can't believe it!"

Dante hugged her not caring about becoming soaked with her sweat.

Dante whispered "It's OK Trish, it's all over."

After holding her for a few minutes, Trish climbed out of bed and turned to Dante.

Trish smiled "Did I do that?" Looking at the sweat-drenched bed.

Dante nodded "Yeah, I will have Patty clean it in the morning."

Trish asked "So I sleep on the couch?"

Dante nodded "Yeah, just bring a towel."

Trish changed into a clean tanktop and sweat pants. 

Trish said "Thanks Dante, I am sorry for causing that."

Dante shrugged "Not your fault."

Dante tossed his dirty shirt and replaced it with a Mountain Dew shirt he had gotten in Mexico. Dante followed Trish down into the lobby and watched as she lied down on the couch. Dante sat at his desk and tried to fall asleep, but found he couldn't keep his eyes off of Trish, who couldn't stop turning over on the couch.

Dante whispered "You want me to lie down with you?"

Trish blushed "Could you?"

Dante lied down on the couch and Trish followed suit.

Dante laughed "You going to be OK?"

Trish replied "I don't know."

Trish fell into an uneasy sleep. Dante sat awake listening as their heartbeats matched, and as Trish slowly breathed in and out, eventually Dante joined her in sleep. Dante found himself dreaming of he and Dante on a tropical island, enjoying their peace. Then out of the blue dozens upon dozens of demons swarmed them, bursting out of the land, the sea and buzzing in from the air like pests, Trish and Dante were overwhelmed, even with Dante using his Devil Trigger. A few minutes after the fighting started, Trish and Dante, each pulled out their guns and started unloading on the demons, killing them one by one. Eventually they all stopped coming. Before anything could be said, three red eyes appeared in the now darkened sky, and red and white lighting rained down like hail fire around them, and just as one bolt was about to hit Dante, he woke from his dream with a gasp. Dante felt his face, arms and legs, making sure he was alright and looked down at the sleeping Trish, making sure she was alright. Dante breathed a sigh of relief before lying back down. Just then he heard a stamp stamp stamp of Patty running down the steps from her room.

Dante thought to himself "Dammit, please don't tell me to get up, please don't tell me to get up. PLEASE don't tell me to get up."

Patty shouted "DAAAANNNNNNTTTTTEEEE! Time to get up!"

Dante said "Patty, hush. Trish is sleeping here."

Patty whispered "Oh. Sorry Trish."

Trish said 'That's OK Patty."

Dante and Trish got up and got dressed. After getting down stairs again, Dante sat down at his desk, popped open the mini fridge under his desk and opened a bottle of water.

Patty asked "What happened to the bed in your room Dante?"

Trish replied "Well, you see . . ."

Dante said "....Bad dream Patty, sorry but I need you to clean it."

Patty scowled "Fine Dante, but you owe me an ice cream cone."

Dante mumbled "Fine. Deal."

Trish asked "Mind if I sleep a little more?"

Dante nodded "Yeah, sure. I am sure we won't get any customers today"

After twenty minutes, the door opened to the rainy outside and to Modeus walking in the door.

Dante shouted "Hey Modeus! How's it going?"

Modeus replied "Hello Dante. I am fine, how are you?"

Dante said "I am doing fine. Life around here is pretty boring though."

Trish rolled over in her sleep, perking Modeus's notice.

Modeus asked "Is she OK?"

Dante replied "Yeah. Why do you ask?"

Modeus said "She appears to have been through some minor trauma."

Dante laughed "Hmm I will never get used to your ability. Yeah, she had a major nightmare last night. She had to sleep down here the rest of the night."

Modeus asked "So, have you had any work in the past couple weeks?"

Dante nodded "Trish and I just got back from a job in Mexico. Payed amazingly."

Modeus said "Good for you."

Dante asked "Hey can I ask you something?"

Modeus replied "Sure, what do you need?"

Dante asked "Well. I need to know if a certain demon is alive or not."

Modeus replied "Sure. Which one?"

Dante asked "Mundas."

Modeus laughed "He has been dead for the past three years, Dante."

Dante asked "What happened?"

Modeus said "Well, after he did battle with a certain demon. He attempted to return to the demon world and raise an army, but was attacked and killed by Hell's Gatekeeper."

Dante replied "So there is no chance of him returning?"

Modeus nodded "He's gone for good. Why do you ask?"

Dante nodded to Trish and the picture of EVA on his desk.

Modeus asked "Did he revive her?"

Dante whispered "No, he created Trish."

Modeus laughed "She's fine, Dante."

Dante nodded "Thanks man."

Trish yawned "Thanks, kid."

Modeus grinned "Your very welcome, Miss...."

Trish smiled "Sorry, I don't have a last name."

Modeus asked "Aren't you Dante's sister?"

Dante laughed "No. But, I don't know what we are."

Modeus gave Dante a confused look.

Trish said "I guess you can say we are dating."

Modeus asked "Well, congrats you two. I was hoping to know if I could buy you a meal to show my gratitude of what you have done for our worlds Dante."

Trish smirked "Just a meal?"

Dante shouted "Trish, don't be rude."

Modeus waved his hand in dismissil "It's fine Dante, I could tell if it's a joke."

Dante nodded "Sure, I would appreciate it Modeus."

Patty shouted from upstaris "Can I come!?"

Dante shouted back "Sure,Get dressed!"

Patty was downstairs and ready in an instant, complete with a rubber rain coat.

Modeus asked "Is Trish going to be alright?"

Trish shot him a villianous look and asked "Why do you ask?"

Modeus smiled "Your an electric demon, am I correct?"

Trish said "Yeah . . . Why would it be bad?"

Modeus pointed outside to the rain.

Dante smiled "She will be fine."

Dante gave Trish his jacket and the walked down to Ed's Dinner. Where they were greeted by Cynthia.

Cindy shouted "Hey Dante!" with her usual enthusiasm.

Dante waved "Hey Cindy." Dante and Trish sat on the right booth while Patty and Modeus sat on the left. Trish put her head onto Dante's shoulder as Cindy came bye with a menu.

Patty said "I'll have . . . An omlet!"

Modeus said "I shall have whatever you recomend."

Dante said "I'll have the triple stack pancakes."

Cindy asked "What about her?" She pointed at Trish.

Trish moaned "I'll just have a glass of water."

Cindy asked "Are you OK?"

Dante replied "She's fighting something."

Cindy said "I will put it in right away!"

As she rolled away Trish took Dante's cowboy hat and put it over her eyes and placed her head on his shoulder.

Modeus asked "So, what's the matter with Trish?"

Dante replied "She got stabbed with a poisioned knife. We got her cured, now she's just sweating it out now."

Dante laughed a bit at his statement, thinking about the sweat-soaked bed he made Patty clean.

Modeus asked "What was the posion called, do you know?"

Dante nodded "It was YdenneKSnoeL" 

Modeus smiled "I am sorry to hear that, it is fatal to most demons."

Trish mumbled "Thanks ass."

Dante shouted "Trish!"

Modeus smiled "It's fine Dante. She's fighitng sickness."

Trish said "I just want to sleep."

Dante laughed "And a few days ago you didn't even want to sleep."

Trish punched Dante in the ribs and said "Shut up!"

Cindy brought everyone their food and waited a minute for everyone to start eating, which Dante didn't

Cindy asked "Anything wrong Dante?"

Dante replied "No, Cindy, nothing is wrong."

Cindy asked "Then why aren't you eating?"

Dante pointed to Trish, who had a death lock on his right arm.

Cindy giggled "You two are sooo cute!"

Patty went to poke Trish and Dante said "I wouldn't do that, squirt."

Dante said "Hey Trish, can you, you know. Stop preventing circulation to my arm?"

Trish mumbled "Fine."

The group ate their breakfast and paid within an hour.

Dante asked "Do you want to do anything else?"

Trish growled "I just want to sleep!"

Dante nodded "OK OK. Sorry Modeus. But thanks for breakfast."

Modeus nodded "The thanks is all mine."

Dante took Trish and Patty back to Devil May Cry. Once there, Trish crashed onto the couch while Patty went back to cleaning.

Episode 4:Jackpot.

Three weeks passed in the blink of an eye, during the time, Trish had recovered from the poison and the day of Patty's pickup had arrived. Patty had her suitcase ready and was saddened to leave.

Patty asked "Can I come visit after a while?"

Dante smiled "Come visit at anytime kid."

Trish said "I am gonna miss ya kiddo."

Trish and Patty hugged for a few seconds before there was a knock on the door. Trish opened it to see Patty's mother.

Dante said "Hey Nina."

Nina smiled "Hello Dante. Was Patty well behaved?"

Dante nodded "She was perfect."

Nina handed Dante an envolope. 

Nina said "There's your rate, plus about $75."

Dante said "Thanks Nina."

Patty shouted "Bye guys!"

Dante said "Come visit any time kid!"

After Patty and Nina left, Trish asked "Well now what?"

Dante shrugged "I don't know. What do you want to do?"

Trish winked.

Dante smiled "Really. Now?"

Trish shrugged 'Why not?"

Dante followed Trish into the room and shut the door. Neither of them came out for hours.Weeks later, Trish stated she had been feeling sick again. Dante thinking she might be suffering from the after effects of the poison took her to Dr. Hunter.While there, the doctor wanted to test of she was pregnant just in case.

After a few hours, Dr. Hunter finally came into their room.

Dr. Hunter said "Well Mister . . ."

Dante said "Redgrave."

Dr Hunter smiled "Well Mr. Redgrave. It appears your . . . Girlfriend is pregnant."

Dante asked "Are you sure?"

Dr Hunter said "Yep, I am sure. Pregnant with twins."

Dante said "Oh . .  Oh damn."

Trish said "Thank you Dr. Hunter."

The following nine months were a living hell for Dante, dealing with Trish's pregnancy. During which time, it was revealed their kids were both girls. When they were born, Dante decided to name them EVA and Lucy. The following three years flew bye in the blink of an eye, in which both Eva and Mary grew fast and were spitting images of their mother. By age three, Eva had definate blone hair, teal blue eyes while Lucy had white hair, one eye green and the other eye blue, to this, Dante nicknamed her "Lady jr." On the morning of their eigth birthday, Dante and Trish were sleeping on the couch when the twins started running down the stairs, and proceeded to start jumping up and down, screaming "It's our birthday! What are we doing?"

Dante smiled "I don't know. Trish, what do you want to do?"

Trish sighed "Let's get breakfast at the diner and go from there."

Eva and Lucy jumped for joy and got dressed for the day. Once at the diner, they were again greeted by Cindy, who by now had become to co owner of the establishment.

Cindy asked "Hi you guys!"

Dante said "Hey Cindy."

Eva and Lucy shouted "Hello Miss Cynthia!"

Once seated, the family ordered an XXL pizza.

Cindy asked "And what will everyone have?"

Dante said "The usual for me."

Cindy smiled "So, a Strawberry Sundae."

Eva and Lucy said "We will have that too!"

Trish sighed "Lucy, for the last time, you're allergic to strawberries. Cindy, can you get her a chocolate sundae?"

Cindy smiled "Sure, coming right up!"

Lucy gave Trish a dirty look and said "Mom, I am NOT allergic to strawberries!"

Dante said "The last time you ate a strawberry your face puffed up like a balloon and turned purple."

Trish punched Dante in the shoulder.

Trish shouted "Dante!"

Dante shrugged "It's true!"

Cindy put the pizza down on the table. 

Dante said "Hey, Lucy I got a bet for you."

Lucy asked "Whats the bet?"

Dante smiled "If you finish your 1/4 before I do, I teach you how to fight."

Lucy asked "And if you win?"

Dante replied "You do your sister's and your chores for two weeks. No complaints."

Lucy shouted "You're on!"

Dante and Lucy seperated their three slices of pizza, Trish shouted "Go!" and Dante and Lucy each started to scarfe down their respective slices of pizza.

Eva asked "Mom. Was it always like this?"

Trish sighed "Yep."

Dante and Mary finished at the exact same time.

Lucy catching her breath asked "Now what?"

Dante said "I teach you how to fight, and you also do the two weeks of chores."

Eva asked "What about me?"

Trish said "I can teach you baby."

Eva and Lucy shouted with glee, and the family quickly finished their meal. After getting back to Devil May Cry, Dante gave them a quick lesson in swordmenship and target practice. After only a few hours, Dante tossed them wooden swords and foam dart guns.

Dante said "OK, you practice. No hitting in the eye, below the belt or and other facial features."

Dante lied down on his desk and put his had over his eye, while Trish watched on the couch. Within five minutes the shop was in a wreck. Thirty minutes in, Lady walked and nearly got one of her eyes taken out by Eva.

Lady said "Hey dumbass, what's up?"

Dante replied "Hey Lady. Just taught these two how to swing a sword and fire a gun."

Lady laughed "Oh great, how long until they're killing demons with Aunt Lady?"

Trish smired "'Aunt Lady'?"

Lady said "Yes, you got a problem with that?"

They both looked at Dante.

Dante said "Don't look at me."

Lady asked "Are you sure they should be fighting this early?"

Dante said "Just as early as I started figthing."

Lady asked "So how are they?"

Dante said "As good as any kid at their age, with an hour worth of teaching can be."

Lady asked "So .. . They suck huh?"

Trish said "Shut up."

After an hour, Eva and Lucy had passed out on the couch with Trish from exaustion.

Lady said "Great job you two, you looked great for your first time!"

Eva said "I am better with guns then I am with a sword."

Dante replied "That's expected. Your mother is a better shot then I am."

Eva sat up "Really?!"

Trish smiled "Yep. But your father is a much better swordsmen then I am."

Lady mumbled "He's also a dumbass with money."

Eva said "We know. Mom told us."

Dante sighed "Do you have to swear in front of the kids?"

Lucy said "You do it all the time, how is Aunt Lady any different?"

Dante asked "Wait, how long do you two stay awake after we tell you to go to bed?"

Eva said "We don't know, we just hear weird things like. .-"

Dante shouted "No, we don't need to hear it!"

Lady laughed "I don't know who's more of a child, you Dante or your kids."

Dante sighed "Shut up!"

After giving blowing out their candles on their cake, Trish said it was time for their presents. Trish gave them gift cards for shopping, Lady gave them clothes while Dante gave them both halves of his Perfect Amulet.

Eva and Lucy shouted "Thank you everyone!"

Just then the door opened to Vergil walking in with a large box.

Vergil said "Sorry for being late to the bash, brother."

Dante smiled "At least you made it, unlike their brother."

Lucy looked at Dante and asked "We have a brother?"

Dante said "Yeah, I don't know where he is."

Eva asked "Why haven't you told us about him, why haven't we met him?"

Trish said "He disappeared shortly before your birth, and we don't know why he left or why he hasn't shown up."

Lucy saddened, sighed "He doesn't like us?"

Dante said "Hey, hey. He doesn't he know you. How can he hate you?"

Eva said "Yeah! If he has the balls to hate us, we can kick his ass!"

Dante shouted "Hey, watch your language!"

Vergil laughed "Great parenting brother."

Dante grumbled "Shut up."

Eva asked "So when do we get to become apart of the family business?"

Trish replied "I'm sorry, what?"

Lucy said "Become demon hunters like you two!"

Dante replied "As soon as the new sign gets made."

Trish asked "What sign?"

Dante tossed Trish a photo of the new sign for the shop. It had Dante posing with Ebony and Ivory on the right edge of the "y", Trish doing her pose on the left edge of the ""D" while the kids stood back to back with their own swords just above the "v" and the "i"

Trish asked "When did you order this?"

Dante said "A week ago.'

Lucy and Eva saw the picture, jumped up and down in glee and tackled Dante shouting "Thank you!" and "We love you so much!"

By their twelth birthday, Eva and Lucy had combined, killed well over a hundred demons and Eva was awarded the Rebellion by her father while Lucy was given Yamato.

Lady's story

Episode 1


Artwork made by*DumbBlond101 from DeviantArt. I have permission from the artist.

Dante, Trish and Lady had just gotten back from a mission down in Mexico to deal with an army of Demons lead by a reborn Sid, who Dante killed fairly easily, and the job payed extremly well, and Dante used a majority of his share to finally pay off his debt to Lady. During the mission, Trish was stabbed with a knife coated with several poisions, and although Dante got her cured in time, Trish had to stay at Devil May Cry to recover for a few weeks. However, Trish recovered much faster then Dante anticipated, took her share and went out to travel the world, but promised to keep in touch with Dante and Lady.

It had been two weeks since Trish left Devil May Cry, and Dante had just gotten a postcard from her from Tortuga, she was wearing a seashell bikini, winking at the camera and a note saying "Wishing you were here!" with a kissmark in Trish's trademarked maroon lipstick. Dante sighed, put it in his desk and lied down on his couch. Just then Lady burst into the door on her motorcycle.

After she took off her helmet, Dante said "Hey Lady."

Lady said "Hey dumbass."

Dante sat up so Lady could sit down next to him.

Dante said "What do you need?"

Lady replied "I came here to mingle with you and Trish, but I see she's gone."

Dante sighed "Don't remind me."

Lady shouted "Hey I came here to be a friend and comfort you, you know I didn't need to try!"

Lady went to get up, but Dante grabbed her arm. 

Dante said "I'm sorry, i shouldn't have said that."

Lady nodded "I know you're going through a hard time, and I know you have feelings for her, but there are other girls out there Dante."

Dante asked "So, are you trying to tell me something?"

Lady said "You know you still owe me?"

Dante replied "I payed you everything, plus interest!"

Lady said "I wasn't talking about that."

Dante asked "Then what were yo-?"

Lady leaned in and kissed Dante in the lips, stunning him for a second, and instead of pushing her off, he instead gave in and returned the kiss.

Once pulling away Dante said "I love you."

Lady smiled "You're a dumbass. But you're my kind of dumbass."

Dante and Lady lied back on the couch and spent the night talking about anything and everything, and before they knew it, they had fallen asleep. During the night, Dante opened his eye to see Lady hugging him. Dante thought "Much less annoying when she is asleep." Dante shrugged and went back to sleep. The following morning, with the sunlight barley streaming through the windows. Dante awoke again and saw Lady still asleep. Dante poked her a few times but she didn't move.

Dante thought "Well, what's the worst she can do, she's not armed?"

Dante sat up and Lady made a growling noise.

Lady mumbled "If you make me get up, I will shoot you."

Dante laughed "I have to get up Lady."

Dante tried to get up again but Lady only tightened her grip.

Dante sighed "Come on, it's time to wake up."

Lady asked "What time is it?"

Dante looked at the clock and replied "Nine thirty."

Lady yawned "Fine." After getting up, Dante said "I gotta take a shower, you wanna join me?"

Lady blushed and shouted "Dante!"

Dante shrugged "Saves on water."

Lady smiled "Sure I can go for one."

After taking an hour-long shower the couple ventured into the main space, but before Dante stumbled onto a terrible realizeation: Lady had no spare clothes to wear and Dante didn't have much more she could wear.

Dante said "Hey, Lad-"

Lady shouted "God dammit Dante! I don't have any damn clothes, what the hell was I thinking?!"

Dante smiled "Sorry, I only have a couple extra shirts, both which are a little...Small. I think I have a pair of yoga pants. lying around."

Lady asked "Can't you go get my clothes from my apartment?"

Dante asked "You have an apartment?"

Lady nodded "It's on the other side of town."

Dante pointed outside "I'm afraid not, the town's flooded by the super storm."

Lady sighed "Why don't you have any spare outfits around here?"

Dante laughed "I never have girls over normally. You could just stay like that until your clothes are dry."

Lady grumbled "Can you just give me the damn clothes?"

Dante sighed "Fine."

Dante walked up the stairs, into his room and grabbed a pair of black yoga pants and a white zip-up hooded sweatshirt. Dante walked back down and let her change, after doing that she lied down on Dante as he was lying down on the couch.

Lady asked "So what do you want to do?"

Dante smiled "We got Netflix"

Lady asked "Since when did you get Netflix?"

Dante sighed "Since Trish was here."

Lady, feeling the sad and loneliness coming over Dante, gave him a comforting hug.

Lady whispered "It's OK Dante. I shoudn't have said anything."

Dante said "It's fine. But I doubt it will do any good."

Lady asked "Why do you say that?"

Dante smiled "Three ....Two...One."

Just then a crack of thunder went over the building and the entire power went out.

Lady asked "How the hell did you do that?"

Dante replied "When you live with Trish, you kinda get a feeling for that kinda thing."

Dante lit a few candels and broke out a couple bottles of wine.

Lady blushed "Dante...Are you trying to tell me something?"

Dante smiled "Maybe I am, maybe I am not."

Lady smiled and started to unzip her hoodie, just then the doors opened to see Patty walk in the door.

Patty shouted "Hi Dante, Hi Lady.......Why are you not wearing a shirt?"

Dante replied "Why are you coming here in the middle of a super storm!?"

Patty said "Oh, I was at the soup kitchen when it started, and my house is on the other side of town and since your house is closer, I figured I could crash here until the storm passes!

Dante sighed "You couldn't have called first?"

Patty sighed in annoyance "The power is out over the city! How the heck was I suppose to call you?"

Lady nodded "She does have a point Dante."

Dante asked "How long is this  storm suppose to last?"

Patty replied "The weather guy said it would last at least till morning."

Dante rolled his eyes "You can stay in the spare room upstairs."

Patty said "Thanks Dante!" As she ran up the stairs.

Dante asked "Now where were we?"

Lady punched Dante in the ribs "Not now dumbass!"

Dante laughed "I am only kidding!"

Lady replied "Bull crap." 

Lady blew out the candles and sat down at Dante's desk.  Within two hours of awkward silence, the power was returned.

Dante immediatly shouted "Patty, time to go!"

Patty shouted back "OK, geez keep your pants on!"

Dante replied "They are on!"

Lady whispered to herself "Not for long"

Dante smiled as Patty ran out the door thanking them for the shelter for the afternoon.

Episode 2

Dante awoke next to Lady with a light rain hitting against the window. Dante tried to sit up but found that two drills were going into his head. Dante looked over to Lady who was still sound asleep, turned on the radio and listened as the newsman said the streets were now open, but for citizens to tread lightly as the water was still standing in the streets. After a half hour of sitting on the bed, Dante tried to stand, but his head felt like it had been put through a paint mixer. 

Lady yawned "Hey Dante. Did you enjoy last night?"

Dante smiled "What moron wouldn't?"

Lady replied "That's good, so are the streets cleared out?"

Dante nodded "Yeah. But how much did we drink last night?"

Lady looked at the dozen bottles of beer and wine around the room.

Lady shook her head "Plenty."

Dante groaned "Oh man, I feel like one of those malls you and Trish blew up."

Lady asked "So do you think my clothes are done?"

Dante nodded "Yeah, they're in the next room."

Lady put on a pair of sweat pants and walked into the utility room while Dante layed back down on the bed.

Lady shouted "Dammit Dante!"

Dante asked "What now?"

Lady ran into the room with a now half-sized shirt.

Lady shouted "You left my shirt in the dryer too long it shrunk!"

Dante shrugged "I can pick up a shirt for you later."

After a half hour of nagging from Lady, Dante finally got up and picked up another set of clothes for her. After getting back and getting dressed, the pair went to Freddy's Diner for lunch which they split a pizza. In the middle of their meal, Trish walked in and awkwardly sat down next to Lady.

Dante said "Hey Trish."

Trish smiled "Hey baby, how are you holding up?"

Lady replied "He's doing fine, no thanks to you!"

Trish asked "And what the hell is that suppose to mean?"

Lady shouted "You nearly broke him!"

Trish asked "What are you talking about?"

Lady said "He was taking care of you and the second you could walk, you ran right out of there without saying a damn word and the only contact you ever gave him was a damn postcard!"

Trish replied "What the hell was I suppose to do repay him by staying with him for the next twenty years?"

Lady shouted "No but a "hey thanks for not letting me die!" would have been nice!"

Trish looked at Dante "And why aren't you saying anything?"

Dante sighed "There's nothing I can say Trish. She's right, you just got up and left without a word."

Trish shouted "I am sorry, I know I should have at least said thank you but thats...."

Dante finsished "Just not you."

Dante payed Cindy and left Trish and Lady to their bickering. Dante walked back to Devil May Cry and when he opened the door he found Patty happily cleaning in her own little world, when she noticed Dante, she smiled and gave him a hug.

Patty shouted "Hey Dante, I thought I would clean for you!"

Dante patted her on the head "Hey squirt."

Patty asked "What's wrong Dante, you look depressed?"

Dante sighed "Nothing Patty, I just want to be left alone right now."

Dante sat down at his desk but before another word even thought to be said, Trish and Lady slowly walked into the door. Not a word said before Lady elbowed Trish in the kidney.

Trish sighed "Look Dante, I am sorry for what I did, I know it was wrong, I should have said goodbye. But why are you reacting like this? I left at least four times without saying a word and you didn't act like this."

Dante said "I accept the apology but I nearly lost you. Yes nearly lost you. You know who was there for me when you left, not even a few days after you left? Lady was. You know how I found out you left? I went to bring you breakfast and you were up and gone, not a word said. No thank you, no goodbye, not even a hint of gratitude...."

Trish shouted "I am sorry god dammit, take a freaking hint I know what I did was wrong!"

Patty asked "Trish why did you leave?"

Trish replied "I wanted to travel around some more, but I didn't think Dante would react like this."

Lady groweled "You could of at least left a note."

Trish shouted "And what the hell have you been doing!?"

Lady grinned "I have been here for Dante in more ways then one."

Trish asked "Wait you..."

Patty said "I walked in during the storm and Lady wasn't wearing a shirt..."

Trish blushed "So you...."

Lady laughed "You shocked?"

Trish nodded "Yeah a bit."

Dante said "Don't get jelous Trish."

Trish replied "I am not, I am happy for you. Listen I know you are gonna be pissed at me for this, but I need to get going. I'll visit in a week or two."

Lady sighed "And you wonder why he picked me?" She stuck her tounge out at Trish as she walked out the door.

Trish said "I'm happy for you two. Don't kill each other while I am gone."

Dante replied "We won't." As Trish walked out the door.

Author Notes

  • The name of chapter 1 is a reference to Red Dead Redemption mission "Old Friends, New Problems."
  • The Diesel line is a reference to the Devil May Cry 2 outfit.
  • The relationship between Dante and Trish is my way of making them into a couple. However a vote was on the bottom of the blog will allow fans to vote who they want to see Dante start a relationship with. Trish won. However there is now(as of February 18,2013) be an alternate story, where Dante gets with Lady instead of Trsih.
  • Reunions is the name of the second episode of Dragon Ball Z, which I am a fan of.
  • The line "Dante? Dante! Daaaannnnteee?!" Is a reference to Metal Gear Solid's game over in which an ally shouts "Snake? Snake?! SNNNNAAAAKE!!!!!!"
  • Dante's children "The Daughters of Dante." are named Eva and Lucy. Eva after Dante's mother and Lucy after Lucy Kuo from InFAMOUS. In irony, Trish was the name of Cole Macgrath's first love interest while Lucy was his second.

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