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  • KanameTousen

    How do you protect, delete and block in other Wikis? Is becoming an admin necessary to do these actions? How do you gain Admin Rights without giving to you by the founder of a Wiki? Sorry if I asked too many questions. There are many vandals and spammers in the Wiki I'm currently working on and they are seriously pissing me off!

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  • KanameTousen

    Hi I'm back lol, sort of...

    Ok I know how to unlock everything in DMC3: SE that is to press R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + D-pad Up+Left + Left Analog-stick Down+Right. But I'm playing the PC version. I've look it up on the Internet too. Instead of R1, R2, L1 and L2, they are Button 5, 6, 7 and 8. What I really want is the exact buttons to input for the cheat e.g. M + Space + Down + Right + 1 + 2 + ..........

    So, is anyone kind enough to let me know which DEFAULT buttons to press? Any help would be appreciated =)

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  • KanameTousen

    I'm currently studying in college to prepare for my STPM test in Malaysia. In terms of difficulty mode in DMC, it's Hell or Hell Mode (lol). So I won't be here on the weekdays, maybe even weekends. But that doesn't mean I will stop loving DMC!

    P.S.: This test takes one and a half years time (3 semester).

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  • KanameTousen

    OMG I just read up something really crazy (whether it's good or bad, depends on you)!

    I found this in the DMC4 Novel Volume 1 (No.3): Nero was an orphan. People of the orphanage found him outside their door one day and decided to name him Nero simply because he was wrapped in a black blanket. (In truth this is just an excuse, the writer Bingo later said it was a name that just simply came to mind. Refer to volume 2’s summary for this) While growing up, the other kids often made fun of him by saying his mother was a prostitute. This was because Fortuna City was a town so small everyone practically knew everyone else. If someone was pregnant or gave birth everyone would know, so the fact that no one gave birth around the time Nero was found (…

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  • KanameTousen

    Delete a page?

    May 19, 2012 by KanameTousen

    Is it possible to delete a page? Because I messed up the "Devil May Cry 2 Missions" page. I was planning to do a category page on Devil May Cry 2 Missions since someone added a DMC2 Mission 1 walkthrough, but after some trials and errors I accidentaly created a NORMAL page of Devil May Cry 2 Missions. After that, I renamed the page to Nina Lowell to cover up the Devil May Cry 2 Missions, but it didn't worked out *facepalm*. And now, the recent changes have a Nina Lowell/Devil May Cry 2 Missions page and when click they redirect each other and vice versa. Anyone can help? Sorry for the trouble T.T

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