OMG I just read up something really crazy (whether it's good or bad, depends on you)!

I found this in the DMC4 Novel Volume 1 (No.3): Nero was an orphan. People of the orphanage found him outside their door one day and decided to name him Nero simply because he was wrapped in a black blanket. (In truth this is just an excuse, the writer Bingo later said it was a name that just simply came to mind. Refer to volume 2’s summary for this) While growing up, the other kids often made fun of him by saying his mother was a prostitute. This was because Fortuna City was a town so small everyone practically knew everyone else. If someone was pregnant or gave birth everyone would know, so the fact that no one gave birth around the time Nero was found (plus it was said that prostitutes were common at that time), people assumed he was a bastard child. (My god… can you ever imagine Vergil impregnating a human woman?!)

I mean, it makes so much sense now doesn't it? Vergil wants to be like his father, Sparda! Obtaining his power, imitating his looks, even to the point of impregnating a human woman just like what Sparda did?! WTF?!

Feel free to comment about what you think...

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