• DanteVin

    Back in the Hobby...

    August 26, 2013 by DanteVin

    Well, look who's back!! After almost 9 months of Wikian-life inactivity, I found some time to return to it, as a hobby.

    Seeing this wiki with 585 pages already makes us think that this is indeed growing fast, mostly because of the reboot and the HD collection. And I haven't tried these games yet.

    So far, there are numerous additions here, yet I still have some queries;

    • I have seen most character pages (specifically Nero, Dante, Vergil) being revisioned in a totally new way. There are more images on those pages than before, almost filling up the entire articles (mess?). Also
      • Nero's primary portrait is changed (why?)
      • The trivia that Nero's shadow resembles that of Sparda's - nowhere to be found on Nero, Sparda, or even the Sword of Sparda.
    • Many tr…
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  • DanteVin

    With the Devil May Cry series being based from this novel by Dante Alighieri, and the number of references and similarities between the game and the novel. Do you think Divine Comedy deserves its own page on this wiki?

    • There are lots of Divine Comedy refs on the series, more noticeably on Dante, Vergil, Trish, Mundus, and Cerberus.
    • Locations like Bloody Palace (DMC4 achievements), and Limbo City
    • Some other demons
    • ... and Hell Gates!

    Look at this Wikipedia article for some more info:


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  • DanteVin

    Admin Work

    February 18, 2012 by DanteVin

    Date: February 18, 2012

    Here are the list of new changes to the wiki as by the given date

    • The Template Youmay has now been re-colored with red and black colors.
    • Protected the following pages (sub protection)
      • Dante
      • Nero
      • Trish
      • Lady

    Admin: KevzMarz 06:57, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

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  • DanteVin

    New Admin

    February 10, 2012 by DanteVin

    Finally, after 9 months I am now an official admin. As a start I would like to request things from fellow admins;

    • Can we enable Article Exhibit on the Wiki Labs?
    • Can we put the wiki background into a fixed state?
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  • DanteVin

    Missing Walkthroughs?

    February 3, 2012 by DanteVin

    For how many months (or years for that matter), this wiki still does not have any walkthroughs for the first two games? Is it possible to copy walkthroughs from If we could provide them, they would be an additional 30-40 pages for the wiki!

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