It is KevzMarz again, well I had already reached 1000 edits on this wiki within my nearly 9 months of DMC wiki editing. I had several tries of requesting promotion from admins up to now;

  • I joined the wiki last April 23rd of 2011, it was the first time I created my account and this was... of course my first wiki.
  • After almost 200 edits, I tried to talk to KrytenKoro - the available admin on that time, I suggested things on the wiki on him every week, since it was Summertime in the east.
  • I continued editing on the wiki within the months, until when I reached almost 700 edits, I tried to request admin abilities on Community Wiki, but they said that I should ask admins on this wiki to decide.
  • What I've been doing now is expanding/fixing things on this wiki, in fact, I only use the Random Page to go to an article to fix it.

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