I typically only make minor edits that I am certain are incorrect.

Generally, I will fix typos or grammar errors.

Below are the following corrections made, please feel free to politely contact me or rectify the changes if I have made an error.

I deeply appreciate those whom understand common decency & respect to fellow human beings. Please keep this in mind, thank you.

Error Correction 7/17/2015

Took down a photo under the "Witches" section of the DmC: Devil May Cry Conept Art. This was based on the fact that when I searched google for the image it came up with no correlating DmC data posted anywhere else on the internet. If it were indeed Concept Art it would have had at least one hit other than a user profile on a site called

No results anywhere on the internet were shown to imply that this picture was in any shape or form related to the DmC game, as far as I could find.

To my best knowledge it seems to have been a simple mistake from a new Wikia member, whom has since never made any edits, as such I removed it.

Please feel free to rectify this if anyone believes I was mistaken.

Due to privacy issues I shall not disclose the user's Docin account that I located unless privately asked to do so, preferably by some type of moderator, as I feel making such things blatantly private is a huge invasion of privacy.

Screencaps have been taken to display proof if need be.

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