• LegionZero

    =Combo 1=
    /\, /\, /\, /\
    {essentially the pause combo of DMC1. first a diagonal slash from upper right to bottom left. Then a mostly horizontal swing, ending with Dantes arm back behind him, followed by an X double upward slash, ending with Sparda going into Spear Mode and thrusts the blade into the enemy}

    =Combo 2=
    /\, -, /\, /\, /\
    {after the first hit, Dante spins 3 times clockwise hitting the enemy, then a right to left slash, and a left to right slash}

    =Combo 3=
    /\, /\, -, /\, /\, /\, /\
    {Instead of doing the double X slash, Sparda will turn into Scythe form and as he pushes forward Dante will spin it between his arms and finish with an over head helicopter spin after coming to a stop}

    =Combo 4=
    /\, /\, /\, -, /\
    {After the double X slash, Dante…

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  • LegionZero

    With the more information that comes out about 4:SE, I keep getting more bummed and off-put by it. Not necessarily by the game itself but by what Capcom is doing to it. I guess I should start with why it bums me.

    It bums me Capcom isn't releasing a physical copies in the west. We have been loyal fans since day 1, and Japan barely makes around 30% of its sales. Way to stab us in the back Capcom. They keep trying to push DmC and because the fans pushed back, they are getting back at us by limiting its release. And yes, no matter what dat in age it is, there are people who dont have internet/sufficient internet to download the game. Digital games take a lot of memory as well. A lot of us would rather use that disc space for save data. The lack…

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  • LegionZero

    Us very loyal fans have been waiting 7 years for more of the original series and we deserve to have this game in every medium. We also deserve the chance to get a Limited Edition. Sign the Petition below and tell Capcom what we want on as many fronts as possible. Check bottom for reasons people prefer physical over digital. Even if you don't care for a disc release please help us out.
    Please, let Capcom know exactly what you want and what we deserve. Tell them you want

    Physical Release Petition PLEASE SPREAD:

    Devil May Cry Twitter:

    Capcom Unity Twitter:

    Devil May Cry Facebook: ht…

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  • LegionZero

    Dante's Partner?

    January 13, 2015 by LegionZero

    On Tony Redgrave's trivia it says "In early drafts for the first Devil May Cry, Tony Redgrave was to be a detective and partner of Dante's." I am not finding a link for this so it will be removed unless I, or someone else, has a source.

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  • LegionZero


    Just kidding. If you have a question about canon, I'm the guy to ask. I am currently learning the technical side of using wiki. I'm sure you will come to find I'm fairly reasonable.

    So let's get this crazy party started, shall we?

    1) What do you look like most about the series? 2) What do you hope will come in future? 3) What are looking for in the wiki?

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