Us very loyal fans have been waiting 7 years for more of the original series and we deserve to have this game in every medium. We also deserve the chance to get a Limited Edition. Sign the Petition below and tell Capcom what we want on as many fronts as possible. Check bottom for reasons people prefer physical over digital. Even if you don't care for a disc release please help us out.
Please, let Capcom know exactly what you want and what we deserve. Tell them you want

Physical Release Petition PLEASE SPREAD:

Devil May Cry Twitter:

Capcom Unity Twitter:

Devil May Cry Facebook:

Capcom Facebook:

Gregamans Capcom Unity Page, If you have an account:

Reason why Physical is prefered:
1) True Ownership: It is yours, no one can tell you no or deactivate it,unlike digital copies.
2) Resale: You can sell it if you want/need to. Digital copies hold no value once in your possession.
3) Convenience: You dont have to carry your console with you or activate/deactivate accounts or wait for a download in order to play it in places that are not your house.
4) Good looking: Comes with a nice case with some cool art to display. There aren't very many things that are quite as satisfying as a beautiful stack of games with the names along the spines of the case.
5) Save memory: Conserves consoles HDD memory space so that other games don't need to be deleted to make space and all of it can be used for save data.

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