some Lucia Ideas Entry 2: Throwing Stars. they are throwing stars. she throws multiple of them at once, making them equivalent to a shot from the shotgun just without knock-back.

Throw: [] {Lucia throws a handful of throwing stars}

Summoning Circles: {a passive ability that allows Lucia to summon her ranged weapons with a special seal on her wrists so she doesnt have to reach into her pockets for them}

Fatal Attraction: [](hold) {after throwing some stars hold [] to pull in the targeted enemy with wires of her demon energy attached to the stars}

ASSASSIN MOVES(a style for Lucias ranged weapons)

Wide Spread: O {Lucia swings her arms to throw shuriken in all directions with enough force to cause knockback}

Threads: R1+Forward+O {Lucia throws multiple shuriken at an enemy and binds them in place with the demon energy strings for a second}

Needles: O right after Threads {send an elemental attack along the energy strings to damage the enemy. The element depends on the equipped Devil Arm}

Killer Wind: R1+Back+O {Lucia charges a throwing star and creates a shuriken out of demon energy. Depending on the element of the Devil Arm equipped the effect of the attack will change. If fire, then the shuriken will explode on impact. If lightning then an electric current will come out.}

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