some Nero ideas entry 2: Yamato as actual weapon. he holds in his right hand when its equipped. it gets absorbed into his arm when he uses a DB technique, but comes back after the animation
Combo 1: /\, /\, /\, /\ {4 slashes. diagonal upper right to bottom left, then top left to bottom right, then a left horizontal slash, and finally a right horizontal slash}
Combo 2: /\, -, /\... {makes repeated slashes the more /\ is pressed, ends with an underhand slash}
Combo 3: /\, /\, -, /\, /\, /\ {for the 3rd press Nero does a couple slashes kind of like Bayonettas, the 4th is 2 upward slashes in an X formation, last slash is a strong downward slash}
Combo 4: /\, /\, /\, -, /\ {the last swing creates multiple cuts in the enemy}
Wave: /\ (hold), /\, /\ {the wave slash thing he does in DMC4 cutscenes, two smaller waves can be launched with the right timing}
Rapid Slash: R1+Forward+/\ {Nero rushes forward, holding Yamato underhand leaving slashes behind him}
Reprimand: R1+Back+Forward+/\ {Nero backs away to avoid an attack and then does the stab he used on Santcus}
High Rise: R1+Back+/\ {basically High Roller with Yamato}
Aerial Rave: /\, /\ (midair) {same as Yamatos past Aerial Raves, but with a different animation}
Blade Drop: R1+Forward+/\ (midair) {Nero drops to stab an enemy from above}
High Risk Reward: /\, -, /\ (midair) {after the initial slash, does an upward slash, sending the enemy higher. Nero gains some air too}
Blade Rush: R1+Back+Forward+ /\ (midair) {Nero blurs past an enemy and cuts riddle their body. kind of like Sephiroths attack in Dissidia}
DT Specials: in rushing forward moves the DT ghost follows just behind Nero adding more slashes or moves with multiple hits per press the DT Ghost appears to add extra hits.
Double Vision: R1+Forward+/\+O {Nero summons the Ghost to fight with him Doppelganger style}

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