=Combo 1=
/\, /\, /\, /\
{essentially the pause combo of DMC1. first a diagonal slash from upper right to bottom left. Then a mostly horizontal swing, ending with Dantes arm back behind him, followed by an X double upward slash, ending with Sparda going into Spear Mode and thrusts the blade into the enemy}

=Combo 2=
/\, -, /\, /\, /\
{after the first hit, Dante spins 3 times clockwise hitting the enemy, then a right to left slash, and a left to right slash}

=Combo 3=
/\, /\, -, /\, /\, /\, /\
{Instead of doing the double X slash, Sparda will turn into Scythe form and as he pushes forward Dante will spin it between his arms and finish with an over head helicopter spin after coming to a stop}

=Combo 4=
/\, /\, /\, -, /\
{After the double X slash, Dante will turn similar to Nero's Maximum Bet and knock the enemy into the air}

=Combo 5=
/\, /\, -, /\, /\,-, /\
{After getting the Scythe back into his right hand after the second spin, Dante lunges forward with the Spear and pins the enemy to the ground}

{Channel Spardas energy into Dante's palm to unleash an energy ball}

{Dante charges forward with the Scythe and spins it around his body while pushing forward the final hit has knockback. Hold /\ to extend duration}

{Dante does a 360 spin and launches the enemy with the Spear form. Hold /\ to follow}

R1+Back+/\, /\
{Rather than follow the enemy up, slam them back down. Knocks enemy back}

=Sky Combo=
/\, /\, /\(midair)
{activate the scythe and unleash a flurry of spinning hell.}

Swordmaster Moves
{Dante spins Sparda around himself and releases an expanding energy ring to stun enemies}

{Dante uses the Spear and propels himself forword like a drill}

=Raising Hell=
Crazy O during Spiral
{Dante Spirals into the air, taking the enemy with}

=Blade Beam=
R1+Back+O (hold and release),
{Dante raises Sparda above his head, with the point of the blade up in the sky and swings the blade down releasing a wave of energy}

DT Power Ups
The blade legth is extended like in DMC1

{Instead of releasing an energy blast, Dante fires an energy dragon}

=Energy Flow=
{Instead of firing charge shots, Dante fires variations of energy blasts for each corresponding gun.}


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