Some Vergil Ideas Entry 1: Wicked Summoner
Combo 1: O, O, O, O {Vergil stabs multiple Summoned Swords into the enemy} (can be used long range, but most effective close range)
Combo 2: O, O, -, O, O, O {after the first 2 stabs, Vergil summons two swords to strike from above, followed by a double palm strike accompanied by 2 Summoned Swords} (can be used long range, but most effective close range)
Shooting Star: R1+Forward+O {after using Spiral Swords, Vergil extends his right arm and puts the SS in the shape of a shuriken and throws it at the enemy} (can be used midair)
Shroud: R1+Back+O {after using Spiral Swords, the Summoned Swords float mid-range distance around Vergil pointing downwards, kind of like in Byakuya Kuchikis Senkei. 3 swords at ground level and 3 in the air. the first enemy to enter gets eviscerated}
Ribbon: O (midair) {Vergil swings his arm and summons 4 blades side by side that home in on an enemy}
After reaching the max level the swords can be summoned into the formations without having to use Spiral Swords first

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