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    Well I'm back again and here are my thoughts based on the first level.

    • Style: the style meter in this game has been drastically..... easier, to be blunt. I found myself already at A rank  by the time i finished with about 6 enemies.
    • Controls: as expected before, they were surprisingly nice but still, NO LOCK ON BUTTON?! Also, why'd did they have to change stinger? Playing around with Arbiter and Osiris led to very fun combos. 
    • Cinematics: really Ninja Theory? I can appreciate staring at a nice lady but there's something very tacky about watching some angel dressed strippers dance around with close ups on their crotch. Also, the start screen is pretty ugly in my opinion.
    • Graphics: I admit it, they're good BEAUTIFUL. Limbo was really nicely designed…
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    Ah yes so I've downloaded the DmC demo released yesterday and here's some quick thoughts:


    • Game Controls:

    They weren't that bad at all once I started playing it. However, the only let down would be the lack of the "lock on" button, I mean would it be that hard to put it in? Especially with the shoulder buttons both being evades it seems redundant. Aside from that, everything flowed quite nicely.

    • Graphics:

    The overall design was quite nice although they did do quite a bit of repeating with the building designs in the first level. I liked how all the colours and lines were crisp and popped. Devil trigger mode changing everything into black/white/red was beautiful.


    • Writing:

    [during boss fight with Poison]



    P: FUCK YO--[…

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    DMC: The Musical

    September 2, 2012 by MochiMustache

    Could you imagine what a DMC musical would be like? Who would your dreamcast be? If I was in charge of it I'd make it set in Devil My Cry 4 and Credo and Agnus would have to have a song together.

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    //forgive me if it's already been said, but i checked the blogs and it apparently hasn't been u___u//

    What would it be for me? I'd say either how the backstory for Nero was lacking, and how they didn't "let Vergil bloom" because he seems pretty damn interesting. I don't know about you guys, but I'd totally buy a Vergil game.

    So what do you think?

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    Favourite Quote?

    June 11, 2012 by MochiMustache

    Sorry if my posts seem spammy, but I just like to create conversation.

    Myself? "Don't speak; just die." Ahh DMC2 Dante, such a character.

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