Ah yes so I've downloaded the DmC demo released yesterday and here's some quick thoughts:


  • Game Controls:

They weren't that bad at all once I started playing it. However, the only let down would be the lack of the "lock on" button, I mean would it be that hard to put it in? Especially with the shoulder buttons both being evades it seems redundant. Aside from that, everything flowed quite nicely.

  • Graphics:

The overall design was quite nice although they did do quite a bit of repeating with the building designs in the first level. I liked how all the colours and lines were crisp and popped. Devil trigger mode changing everything into black/white/red was beautiful.


  • Writing:

[during boss fight with Poison]



P: FUCK YO--[vomits]

Need I say more?

  • Enemy design:

A lot of the enemies seen so far just seem like copies from before. Scarecrows, demonochorus', and leg-scarecrows (for the chainsaw guys >.>).

  • Devil Trigger

Now his might just be me BUT DEVIL TRIGGER IS WAY TOO SHORT. I had built up about 1/2 my DT gauge and man that depleted quicker than I could finish my combo.


  • Game mechanics:

One thing that's definitely changed is the end-of-mission scoring. By having lower levels in certain areas you get multipliers and the goal (presumably) is to have the smallest score. This was a bit confusing as I received a generally high stylish rank resulting in an S ranking so I immediately assumed the bigger the better.

Someone please correct me if it's the other way around.

  • Lost souls:

Lost souls (no relation to Proud Souls) are well lost souls that have to be destroyed in order to get a perfect ranking. If you want to find them, don't worry it's very easy. Why? BECAUSE THEY BREATH VERY VERY LOUDLY. At first I was confused, thinking "where is that incredibly annoying wheezing coming from?"

  • Double Jump +Trickster:


Second, with the addition of already included double jump, the game features what seems to be the trickster dash included. Adding these two together allows you to move in very large distances. I mean seriously, it's quite far.

Overall, the game is nice so far. Maybe it's just my love for the canon series but this game does somehow feel hollow and i've yet to discover why. How about you guys?

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