• Sleepyzs

    If Devil May Cry 5 (based on Capcom's antsy behavior, probably not happening) is anything like DMC4se, screw it, I can respect and enjoy Devil May Cry 1 and 3, while only acknowledge DMC4. The pathetic introduction of DLC into a series (not including DmC, cuz at this point its style doesn't match the Devil May Cry series, and the focus is questionably different than the former series) that respected its players to earn and develop their skills to get through the game, now gives handouts almost insultingly so. This is valid even till the original DMC4, considering it came out in the 7th gen where DLC was a thing; Capcom/developers still respected players. If you want to acknowledge DmC as part of the original series (no disrespect, I won't,…

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