Dmc-logo-1 DmC: Devil May Cry is the newest Devil May Cry installment and plenty of things are different this time around. Developed by Ninja Theory, DmC is a fresh approach to the action/hack-and-slash series. While the game will follow the exploits of Dante, the game is set in an alternate universe.

In DmC, Dante is a young man with supernatural powers who finds himself under attack by demons infested within a sentient town known as Limbo City. What differences can we expect between this fresh new start and the games that came previously? Let’s take a look at some of the story and gameplay features between the games of Devil May Cry.

A demo for DmC: Devil May Cry is set for release in December.

Devil May Cry 1-4
Dante is the main character of DmC, but comes with a radical redesign that was initially controversial. Dante comes with altered clothes, weapons, with black hair and red eyes. His build is slightly slimmer when compared to the original Dante design. One of the changes proved controversial was scenes of Dante smoking cigarettes. This contrasts with the creator Hideki Kamiya's approach to Dante who he felt was "too cool to smoke". Dante is still a half demon, born of a demon father and an angel mother. DmCDante Dante in the four numbered games is a powerful half-demon, son of the Demon Sparda and the human Eva. Dante's profession could be considered a demon mercenary, private investigator, and Devil Hunter. His looks are rather memorable with his medium-length white hair and long red coat. His coat and clothes change slightly over the course of the games. His personality is rather cocky, but can he can also become rather serious.
DmC takes place in Limbo City, a contemporary town that is secretly manipulated behind the scenes by powerful demons. The demons control the human populace through the comforts of life, and very few of the inhabitants are aware of being controlled. Dante, a troubled youth with special powers, lives on the fringes of society and seems to be hunted by the demons and city itself. The game follows Dante and The Order attempting to rid the town of the demon influence. DmCLimboCity The four previous installments of Devil May Cry take place in various settinegs. The holy tower of Temen-ni-gru in DM3, a castle on Mallet Island in DMC1, and the city of Uroboros on Dumary Island. Devil May Cry 4 takes place in the holy city of Fortuna. While none of the settings carry over, many of them are similar stylistically. All of the areas are filled with religious imagery and structures, along with an influx of demons.
The Orders DmC: Devil May Cry has an organization entitled simple The Order who is an active enemy to the demonic forces that are overwhelming Limbo City. The organization is led by Vergil (who is unconfirmed to be related to Dante). Virgil funds the organized with his amassed fortune. The organization attempts to enlighten the inhabitants of the city with various viral videos. Virgil hopes to use Dante for his 'special gene' that would allow him to fight against the city directly. TheOrderDmC The Order of the Sword is an religious organization that exists within Devil May Cry 4. The religion believes that long ago, Sparda served as a feudal lord in the Castle Town of Fortuna. They worship Sparda and wish to eradcate all demons in his name. The Order celebrates the annual Festival of the Blade, a day in which all faithful remember Sparda's 'great sacrifice' to the human race. The Order of the Sword is lead by Sanctus. Other members include Nero, Credo, Agnus and Kyrie.

DmC is created within the Unreal Engine breaking away from the MT Framework that was used in the previous game, Devil May Cry 4. The gameplay is similar to other installments in the series, with an emphasis on hack-and-slash and combo systems. One key difference in DmC is the emphasis on the environment's animations. With Limbo City being a sentient city that can actively be manipulated. Dante can transform his sword Rebellion into an axe, scythe, and a grappling hook similar to Nero's Snatch.

DmCGameplay2 Devil May Cry's previous four games all played vary similarly, with a focus on demon slaying and solving puzzles. Gameplay revolves around traveling mostly interior environments and dispatching demons. Enemies can be launched in air for brief air combos. Devil May Cry 4 introduced some platforming elements with the use of Nero's demon arm. Each game introduces new weapons and firearms that can be ranked up to become more powerful.
Action In DmC, combat styles have been revamped. There will be three modes available during combat, including Angel, Demon, an Normal. The Angel and Demon modes can be activated by pressing the trigger buttons. When in these forms, different functions than normal. There will be a variety of angelic and demonic weapons available for Dante. Two sets of firearms will be included, with a return of Ebony & Ivory (DmC). The game includes a bigger focus on aerial combat. Juggling enemies can allow for long strings of combos on defenseless demons. DmCAction The previous Devil May Cry games play in a fast-paced, combo-heavy hack and slash mode. Players can switch between different weapons and firearms on the fly. Players attempt to raise their Stylish Rank by preforming combos and dodging enemy hits. One focus on gameplay was around the different Styles for Dante. By equipping different styles before missions, Dante's moveset could be altered. Dante can utilize his Devil Trigger mode, turning briefly into his more-powerful demon form.

For more in depth information about the changes and features of DmC, be sure to check out Derekoe's DmC: Devil May Cry Knowledge Primer

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