DmC: Devil May Cry has gotten plenty of attention since it's announcement, beginning with a huge negative response to the redesign of beloved main character, Dante. As more information and gameplay was released, the game has slowly morphed into its own identity. The game's signature hack-and-slash, beat-em up style has a fresh new coat of paint. The wait for the game has been arduous and slow, but now the verdict is in! Was the reboot well received? Or does this game pale in comparison to the previous games in the series? Take a look!

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Loved It



"DmC is everything a reboot should be—confident, thoughtful, and brazenly unafraid to sacrifice a few sacred cows along the way. For all the backlash they’ve had to face, developer Ninja Theory has delivered the most polished, refreshing, and memorable hack-and-slash experience in recent memory."

Game Informer


"Ninja Theory stays faithful to the heart and soul of the series with this reimagining – and that's what matters."



"A beautiful, bold, and supremely enjoyable videogame in its own right. It deserves to be praised...Action games may come deeper and harder than this, but few are as pleasurable."



"DmC hurls Dante into a newer, better world, complete with a glorious combat system and enough style to make old Dante proud...This is digital action at its finest, steeped in the blood of angels, spiced with gunpowder, and garnished with a middle finger."



"DmC succeeds both in its story and in its brilliant combat, and it looks the business too, despite a few minor glitches and the more colour-soaked levels looking like they've spent a little too much time in an Instagram filter."



"The game's tone falls apart as it fluctuates between deadpan and dopey, but the action never falters. Fights are fast, intense and fun, and they're aided by a world where nothing is what it seems and nothing stays the same for long. I just wish Ninja Theory had matched the mesmerizing level design with a character who I actually want to spend time around."



The original Devil May Cry paved new roads in action gaming. As a remake, DmC: Devil May Cry largely repaves the same road, but a gleefully brutal combat system and the patented bad attitude bring the sexy back to mass demon extermination. Even better, the action endures throughout a lengthy campaign with few drops in the tempo - no small feat, that.

Thought It Was OK

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Hated It

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