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  • I live in my computer's word processor
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is putting my daydreams on paper before they mutate horribly
  • I am a vampire. Duh.
  • Theena

    My DMC Persona

    May 22, 2012 by Theena

    I'm sure I'm not the only Devil May Cry fan in the world who's done this, but in the (few) years since I became aware of this epic series, I've created my own in-universe alter ego. I don't want to be Lady, Trish or Lucia, I want to be me... Just a different me. So here I am as I would be in the DMC universe. Note: This is not a canon character.

    Athena, or Theena for short, is a half-demon who hangs around the Devil May Cry shop, sometimes to Dante's annoyance - particularly when she is stealing his pizza. She often follows him on his bigger jobs, but doesn't actively help, usually scouting ahead and offering advice, which is usually ignored.

    Theena is small and thin, not more than half a foot taller than the Rebellion sword and not quite as …

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  • Theena

    Dante drops like a stone through the gate opened by the Judge's ritual. Into the Underworld he falls, the noxious fumes of the demonic atmosphere burning his nostrils. "Ugh, it never smells any better here. Worse than Enzo's socks." He lands with a crunch on a small plateau and steps out of the pillar of harsh light that will take him back - or whatever devil the Judge was trying to summon. He looks around for his opponent, but sees nothing - that is until the stone beneath his feet rumbles and an enormous, familiar figure rises from the abyss in front of him. Well this explains what that Salamander meant by "the prince"...

    "You again?" Dante complains. "Don't you ever give up?"

    The Demon King laughs sinisterly. "Did you really expect me to,…

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  • Theena

    Is Sparda really dead?

    January 2, 2012 by Theena

    I've been wondering for a while now. I haven't been able to find where it officially and definitively states that Sparda is deceased. (But my sources are limited, so...) In the manga, which to the best of my knowledge hasn't been labeled non-canon, it shows Eva's grave, but not his. You'd think they'd be buried together, like any normal couple. Even if his body disintegrated into black sand like lesser demons, he should still have had a grave to keep up appearances; after all he WAS living as a human.

    The question is, if he's not really dead, then where is he? What happened to him?

    My personal theory is this: one day he went to check the state of the seal on the Hellgate, or the seal on Temen-ni-gru, or both. Something waylaid him, perhaps a…

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