I've been wondering for a while now. I haven't been able to find where it officially and definitively states that Sparda is deceased. (But my sources are limited, so...) In the manga, which to the best of my knowledge hasn't been labeled non-canon, it shows Eva's grave, but not his. You'd think they'd be buried together, like any normal couple. Even if his body disintegrated into black sand like lesser demons, he should still have had a grave to keep up appearances; after all he WAS living as a human.

The question is, if he's not really dead, then where is he? What happened to him?

My personal theory is this: one day he went to check the state of the seal on the Hellgate, or the seal on Temen-ni-gru, or both. Something waylaid him, perhaps a midlevel demon that someone summoned. Since he had already given the Amulet to Eva, he couldn't access his powers and was unable to fight it off. Maybe he was taken captive for some reason, and by the time he escaped and returned to where his family should have been waiting, Eva was dead, and Vergil and Dante were gone. He found Eva's grave, but he was unable to find his sons, or perhaps he DID find one (or both), but was ashamed of his failure and couldn't bring himself to face him/them, and now he's in hiding somewhere, maybe even a remote corner of the Demon World.

Any thoughts or theories on this? (Or the "death certificate" I couldn't find?)

((My first blog, how'd I do? o.o))

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