Hey how is everyone? Just wanted to write a quick blog about my short story Night One. It's posted on an art website called DeviantArt, so if you want to check it out go right ahead, I'm always looking for feedback on it! 

To get to it, just go to my page on DeviantArt. It's Trisha Demilion. If you want to, just go to it and read it; some feedback on it would be nice. 

Onto a new subject, a wiki administrator is wanting to "style up" the Devil May Cry Wiki page by doing a few things like background changing, and stuff just like tuning it a bit for the better. If anyone can help him out, I bet he'd greatly appreciate that as well as I would. 

Whoever reads this, thanks. I appreciate it. This is the first of many blogs I'll be posting, but till then, take care. 

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