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  • Vergil's Yamato Devil Trigger (DMC3)
  • Vergil's Yamato Devil Trigger (DMC4SE)

Like his brother Dante, Vergil possesses the blood of Sparda in his veins. This gives him uniquely inhuman abilities and endows him with an extraordinary physical prowess far beyond that of any human. He can also use the transformation called Devil Trigger, which he mastered long before Dante due to embracing his demonic heritage as opposed to Dante who previously rejected it. He is more adept at advanced teleportation than Dante due to his greater concern for knowledge and experience with his powers. As he does not consider firearms as true weapons, he manifests Summoned Swords as long-range weapons instead. Like his brother and father, Vergil is phenomenally strong, able to overpower demons much larger than himself with ease. Although, unlike his brother he relies more so on his tremendous speed and precision rather than brute force. After being corrupted by Mundus, Vergil, then known as Nelo Angelo, receives new enhancements to his powers including an increase in his strength, though his techniques seemingly lost their variety. When he jumps during his Yamato DT, wings sprout out, however he cannot glide or fly with them.

Vergil has a very interesting battle style, which is always fighting with one hand and holding the scabbard with the other. But in Devil Trigger, the scabbard becomes a part of his left hand and is now locked there. This is why in Devil May Cry 4:Special Edition he performs the Yamato Combo A (Extended), holding the sword with both hands which makes his attack much more powerful and creates a devastating slash, lasting in space for about a second.
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Notice at how Vergil has both of his hands on the Yamato, while scabbard is loose.


Superhuman Strength: Due to his demonic heritage, Vergil has a inhuman amounts of physical strength. So much so that he incorporates strikes with Yamato's sheath in combat and can throw it with enough force to peirce a scarecrow.[1][2] Vergil is also stong enough to palm strike Rebellion though Arkham.[3]

Superhuman Speed: Vergil can wield Yamato at speeds faster than the eye can see and is fast enough to stop rain drops from hitting the ground in a heavy downpour.[4] He swings Yamato fast enough that he can catch bullets just by spinning the blade.[5]

Superhuman Agility: Vergil can perform jumps much higher than a normal human and perform a variety of flips and spins while doing so.

Superhuman Durability: Vergil is capable of taking brute force attacks without showing signs of damage.

Superhuman Endurance: Despite taking a large amount of damage and large amounts of physical strain, Vergil is shown to be able to continue fighting and only needs a few moments of rest to move about again without strain.[6]

Healing Factor: Due to his demonic heritage, Vergil can heal instantly as soon as whatever is injuring him has been removed from his body. It is strong enough that he came out unscathed from a strike from Rebellion that would have otherwise bisected him. This healing factor can be strained and weakened through continuous strain.[6][7]

Demonic Energy Manipulation: Vergil is able to imbue his energy into objects to augment them. He is also able to use his demonic energy to create weapons that can be used for various purposes. Though usually accompanied by Devil Trigger, Vergil can surround himself in an orb of impenetrable energy.[8][7]

Teleportation: Vergil has advanced teleportation abilities that he uses to strategically reposition himself around the battlefield.

Devil Trigger: Vergil can unleash his demonic side to significantly enhance all of his powers and abilities.[9]


Weapons Expert: Much like Dante, Vergil can quickly grasp the fundamentals of whatever weapon he picks up. He showed immense skill with Beowulf and Force Edge shortly after obtaining them.[10][11]

  • Master Swordsman: He utilizes a real-life sword style known as Iaijutsu, which involves quick, precise draws from the sheathe, striking the opponent, and removing blood from the sword before resheathing. He also used the scabbard itself as a weapon, using it for blunt strikes and block an enemy's attack.[4] Due to this style, Vergil commonly wields Yamato with one hand, but sometimes uses both hands.[5][6] After obtaining Force Edge, Vergil was immediately able to fight in a style almost identical to Dante's.[11] During his short time using Rebellion, he showed competent use of it.[3] His overall skill in swordsmanship is shown to be great enough to easily rival his brother.[5][12]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combantant: Though Vergil has never been shown in unarmed combat, he has shown excellent hand-to-hand combat with Beowulf. He uses a variety of punches and roundhouse kicks.

Summoned Swords: Spectral swords created by Vergil's demonic energy and used as projectiles or to orbit around himself as a shield.


Yamato: A keepsake katana given to him by his father. It is forged by darkness and capable of cutting through dimensions.

Beowulf: A set of gauntlets and grieves with the power of light. This has become a staple weapon of Vergil's gameplay.

Force Edge: For a short time, Vergil wielded the dormant form of the sword of Sparda. This has become a staple weapon of Vergil's gameplay.

Nelo AngeloEdit

Nelo Angelo using his gauntlets and greaves

Nelo Angelo using his gauntlets and greaves

After being corrupted by Mundus, Vergil receives new enhancements to his original powers, though his techniques have less diversity than before. In addition to his vast supernatural strength, he can now fire concentrated demonic energies from his fists (though he can still use Summoned Swords), and he wields a strange black zweihänder with ease. Nelo Angelo is capable of using his own, much stronger, versions of some of Dante's attacks, making him a force to be reckoned with in Devil May Cry. However, he cannot use his Summoned Swords until his final battle with Dante, though he can use them in different formations and in much greater numbers. Nelo Angelo is also capable of imbuing his gauntlets and greaves with his demonic power, manifesting as blue flames and electricity. This can be seen in the cutscene after his first fight with Dante. He also remains a highly capable swordsman, able to disarm and almost defeat Dante in battle once and pose a difficult challenge to him repeatedly


Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Endurance: Nelo Angelo is capable of fighting Dante as a near equal, and even defeated him during their first encounter.[13]

Superhuman Agility: Despite being covered head to toe in armor, Nelo Angelo is capable of jumping and flipping through the air with no hindrance.[13]

Demonic Energy Manipulation: Nelo Angelo's energy manifest as a blue flame occasionally accompanied by blue electricity. He can coat his sword, hands, and feet in his energy to augment his attacks. By concentrating his energy into his hand, he can launch a fireball or manifest Summoned Swords.[13][14]

Teleportation: Nelo Angelo can teleport in a puff of blue flame.[13] He also  once teleport in a burst of lightning.[15]


Master Swordsman: As Nelo Angelo, Vergil remains an exceptional swordsman, capable of nearly matching Dante on equal footing.[13]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Nelo Angelo was capable of disarming Dante and quickly gaining the upper hand and defeating him in unarmed combat during their first encounter.[13]

Summoned Swords: Spectral swords created by Nelo Angelo's demonic energy and used as projectiles or to orbit around himself as a shield. He is also able to teleport them around an opponent in various formations where they typically rotate around the target before attacking.[14]

Devil Trigger-like State: Nelo Angelo enters an empowered state where his helmet is removed and he becomes significantly taller.[14]


Zweihander: Nelo Angelo's signature black and silver sword.


Action Command Description
Glove Combo Bx y, Bx y, Bx y/B t,B t,B t Three-hit attack, ending with a high-kick by either knocking enemy in the air or crushing it down.
Kick 13 Bx rb+B u+ Bx y/B r1+B u+B t A quick energy-infused roundhouse kick, blasting the front enemies off.
Beast Uppercut Bx rb+B dBx y/B r1+B u+B t Lunge forward and deliver an uppercut to an enemy, potentially launching them into the air.
Startfall Bx y/B t (mid-air) diving kick performed in mid-air that pierces an enemy with supersonic speed.
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Nero Angelo Moveset

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Nero Angelo Moveset

Nero Angelo Moveset


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